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Tucker: No wonder Democrats are unpopular, they have nothing to offer.
Aug 04, 2022


˗ ˏ ˋ Instead of processing my trauma, I’ve decided to weaponize it! ˎ ˊ ˗



August 3, 2022

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  • Just look at the population of any American prison. The prisons are made up of sociopaths. People who have no feeling for others. They are mostly black men because there is a higher percentage of blacks who lack empathy than whites or Asians. We all see it and we're supposed to pretend it doesn't exist. OK, we'll pretend to pretend while we "repair" the country. I witnessed a 4 year old Korean girl who, upon seeing a black doll for the first time, threw it across the room while accepting the white dolls. There is an inherent fear of certain groups by other certain groups for a reason.

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