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Tucker: The point of the Ukraine war is regime change in Russia
Sep 23, 2022


˗ ˏ ˋ Instead of processing my trauma, I’ve decided to weaponize it! ˎ ˊ ˗



September 22, 2022

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  • I'm not worried about New York or DC receiving a big Boom. Who cares? Talk about a needed cleansing. Sounds exactly like a passage from the Book of Revelation Chapter 18

  • It is going to be a long October...

  • Akron Children's has a trans gender surgical wing in Youngstown, Ohio.

  • Ukrainian political assassination list of American is an act of war.

  • Someone below stated "Still think Russia got bailed". Intriguing perspective.

  • Bankers, Corporations, Money. War is good for them. They are enemies to every side. They stir up wars and make a fortune from it. They use the wars to subjugate us, kill us, put us in debt. They go in and gobble up spoils of war, constructions, land, personal property. In this case though, But there is something else going on here. The products Ukraine will not be providing is a major factor of the United Nations 2030 agenda, WEF Great Reset, fraudulent environment fallacies, "you will have nothing and be happy", Either way, they are achieving the same agenda, subjugating all sides. Stupid people.

  • Who the hell gave a thumbs down? Explain yourself

  • Its more like the undeclared regime change wars of Egypt, Libya and Syria

  • Why do we let a drunk, bitter, corrupt, 80+ yr old woman and a gay old man put us in danger? And, then there is killary…is there anyone more corrupt than her? Do you have the same number of people who have committed suicide in your circle as she does? Don’t think for a minute that you will be allowed in the bomb shelter with any of them….

  • Tell me again the name of the president you are worried is going to start a nuclear war…..

  • If all those fake doctors and fake scientists don’t lose their positions and are barred from their profession for life or civilization is doomed. … so, we are doomed.

  • All these Jew's want this war and they are dumb for it.

  • Very few of us understand the true root causes of a war. It takes years of analyzing previous wars in real time. History books are part of the corruption and often are written to deceive. The Ukraine war was caused by the funding and building of Virology Facilities in Ukraine near the border of Russia. Primarily funded by USA. I guess just pointing missiles at Russia was not enough. This is why they call war a campaign - it is about making your enemy look very bad so that the rest of the world will join you in the "campaign". Today, Government are attacking their own common people because they cannot enter into a real war with another country. Why, Everyone has Nukes. The USA Cabal bribed Democrats created the Ukraine war as a one of many distractions to deceive the USA people that the Cabal bribe seeking Democrats are not involved in a Coup of the USA.

  • Maybe. Or, perhaps it was a plan to get oil and gas prices out of the basement? In addition, it has allowed the Fed to take another shot at "normalization" (of the price of money) while at the same time playing "catch-up" on its stated goal of 2 percent inflation, per year. Still think Russia got baited.

  • I would say Joe Biden is enemy number one but he's not in charge. Whoever is in charge at this time IS enemy number one.

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