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Are Democrats Suicidal???
Mar 21, 2022

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… once again - not a fair ground to work with - WHY THE STONEWALLING???

Whether or not integrity in our elections is a fact or a myth, there is a good descriptive narrative of Biden time in office in this article. It spells out the facts.

“If you vote Democrat you are officially suicidal.”

But does it matter…?

Here comes the next gas spike.

If the races of the individuals in this were reversed, the would not even be publicly known.

The Biden administration and its backers have offered no substantive defense of Judge Jackson’s record. While the White House has dismissed Hawley’s critique as cherry-picking that “buckles under the lightest scrutiny,” they have failed to demonstrate how.

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  • She got the job because she's a woman and she's black? There are other black women, why her specifically? She got the job because she defends pedophiles.

  • I'm pc_PHAGE....Check my pinned posts out. 3 are hypothesis on the origin and evolution of the Deep-State and its leadership, which I have named the CABAL.

  • The DEMs are suicidal because the Globalists are destroying America and the DEMs are going for it so they can build the perfect society where racism doesn't exist. But, they need to get rid of all the white people first. That's where the migration/Barbarian Invasions come in. It's 3 birds with one stone. **1. Dilute the white population. **2. Destroy white culture.**3. 1+2 destroys the nation. I think I had a better 3 but forgot it.

  • There is not going to be a midterm election. That's the purpose of all the chaos. The DEMs are working on an extravaganza that will allow them to impose martial law and cancel the midterms or vis-versa. All the negative things you say about the DEMs losing the election are positive reasons for the DEMs to cancel the elections. If the RINOs get squished and the right Republicans get in [a very low probability], then lots of people will go to jail. Is that reason enough for the DEMs to pull another Nov 3 2020.?

  • NO...DemoNcrats are not Suicidal...just IMMUNE to anything as the OWN our Election System! They KNOW they cannot be kicked out of and see how this 2022 election turns out - they will be OPENLY STEALING ELECTIONS everywhere....they are already rubbing it in our face and have it all under control.

    MEN are WOMEN. BOYS are GIRLS and ASKING for ID is RACIST!

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