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Creating a Visually Accessible Bible of More Than 3,000 Pages for Kahmile
Apr 19, 2022

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Join Heather Wilson, co-founder of GiveSendGo, as she speaks with Corban Swain about his campaign to help raise money to create a visually accessible Bible for his friend, Kahmile.

“Kamile has a severe eye condition that makes it very difficult for him to read the text of the Bible in nearly all existing published formats…Together, Kahmile and his friends have worked to obtain publishing permissions from Crossway (for the English Standard Version), and do the formatting work to create a digital document of the bible text that aligns with all of Kahmile's visual needs. The final document is more than three thousand pages split across 6 separate volumes; the entire text is set in a sans-serif font at 21.5 point-size. We are now asking for your help to pay to get this digital document printed and bound for Kahmile to use for many years to come.”

To donate and help Kahmile receive this visually accessible Bible visit

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