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Disaster Relief Team Building 200 Domes in Haiti!!
Dec 07, 2021

GiveSendGo Spotlight TV

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This GiveSendGo Spotlight features a panel of guests who represent a disaster relief initiative currently taking place in the southern part of Haiti. This team's goal is to provide sanitary kits and food kits for each family effected by natural disasters as well as to build 200 new, safe, and sustainable homes (domes) for families that will withstand the effects of hurricanes and low-level earthquakes. For more information on this GiveSendGo campaign and the work this group is doing in Haiti visit

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  • such an obvious grift... and this guy is an obvious scammer.. give send go is satanic run trash who just loves the grifters... lmao

  • Ask the transnational bankers to send shekels. They're the ones who funded the weather warfare via DARPA, etc. which caused the earthquake a number of years ago...the earthquake that the other side of the island, called the Dominican Republic, didn't feel at all.

  • "Domes"

    These jokes just write themselves

  • Haiti what? The past several years? Try 200+ years. Let those assholes build their own stuff.

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