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Fowler Foods: Man’s Journey to Opening a Grocery Store in His Small Town Community
Jun 06, 2022

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Join Heather Wilson, co-founder of GiveSendGo, as she speaks with Trent Remsburg about his journey to open a grocery store called Fowerler Foods - Market & Deli in his community.

“My store, Fowler Foods - Market & Deli, will be a call back to the traditional "town shoppe" from yesteryear but with our own modern approach. I will bring back the deli and eventually do our own processing and butchering. There will be some big name brands available, but the emphasis will be on private label bargains and in-house items; both hot-n-ready and made to order. We also aim to provide locally sourced produce and meats from our robust farming community!”

“The funds from this campaign will be used to ease opening costs which will help us quicker begin giving back to this wonderful community we wish to help revitalize.”

Visit to donate or pray for Trent’s campaign.

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