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low compress "sun" of man simulator, drone hawks gab test again yes!
Sep 05, 2022




This is merely a low compression test as I have had several failed attempts to upload now and not much help from gab so far as how best to get full access here as I am currently stranded in Canada... As bitchute and rumble pretty much have me shut down I merely need a place to bring back certain videos for officials here seeking an ending and resolution to all the levels of corruption I am now connected to here from this 4 year limbo hell ride since the government of Canada took my friend and vital statistics! As far as the clearing of the towers well I really wish more people would understand the Sol trap you are all in better and the importance of Canada in the original history of our world and the fall since the flood but with indoctrinations and cognitive dissonance from thousands of years of brain washing I get the hint after 4 years fighting for y'all and realize most of you wouldn't throw us a bloody life raft if we were drowning I know!

The below link is one bitchute refused to upload o dropbox for the serious whom wish to achieve the full truth that would set you free!

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