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The Story Of Ivermectin (vs Remdesivir)
Feb 28, 2021


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The Discovery, what health problem it solved, why is it considered an 'essential medicine' all over the world, safety record, what does it cost, how effective is it for treating SARS-Cov-2, (aka Covid-19), why are Doctors being censored for recommending using Ivermectin, how does Ivermectin compare to Remdesivir, cost of Ivermectin vs cost of Remdesivir, what does WHO say about Remdesivir, Dr. Fauci's connection with Remdesivir, political ties of "Remdesivir/Gilead/Covid-19 treatment panel", a comparision of Utar Padesh in India with 230 million people taking Ivermectin had less than 10 Covid-19 deaths per day in January 2021 vs USA with over 300 million people over 3,000 deaths per day or 2000 deaths per day per 200 million people. Udar Padesh using Ivermectin 10 deaths per day per 200 million vs USA 2000 deaths per day per 200 million people using Remdesivir in January 2021.

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  • So basically they designed a virus without testing all the existing drugs that could cure it because they ran out of time. They needed it to get rid of Trump before he did any more damage to their agendas. As a result they released a virus (that isn't that deadly) onto the world that can be easily cured without vaccination.

  • Don't know how, but this needs to be on the 6 and 11 PM news programs on every major network around the world!!! How do we do that!?!?!?

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