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Gender Queer Teacher believes that HER sexuality trumps what Parents want
Feb 01, 2022


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This teacher believes that Parents are of no consequence when it comes to introducing deviant sexuality in the classroom. Even as the Media is "normalizing" all sorts of sexual practices, most parents are either against those practices altogether or certainly believe it is THEIR responsibility in introducing and teaching that subject matter to their kids and CERTAINLY not to be left to teachers. Teaching the physiological aspects, as part of normal biology as the kids get older, sure. But it isn't up to teachers, counselors, or other Education system staff to take it upon themselves, in what seems to be at ever increasing younger ages, to introduce aspects of sexuality (really, transgenderism in kindergarten when many are still figuring out what "she" and "he" are all about?) over any reticence or delays that Parents wish to follow.

The problem is that Administrations are all behind these types of incursions into what should be Parental Authority and Responsibility. Those sad sack Parents that still believe in a God and Biblical sexual mores - they are impediments! WE must raise their children in our own image!

And they wonder, these Edu-Elites, why Parents are rising against them?

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