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Gilford School Board Chair Gretchen Gandini demonstrates hypocrisy: while refusing to answer her constituents, she DEMANDS that Budget Committee explain "NO" votes on her budget
Jan 10, 2022


We ARE your feared fire-breathing, extremist, right-wing, hard-charging, gun-toting,...



And also shows she has little to no sense of humor (along with Dr. Kristen Snow) when the Selectman liaison for the meeting cracks what I thought was a great quip (and others can be heard laughing as well).

Gilford School Board Chair Gretchen Gandini got rather miffed when two Budget Committee members voted down her School Budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Yet, she has a documented history of NOT answering questions possed by her constituents while at School Board meetings - there, she ofts takes the default position similar to that of the Easter Island stone-faced Moa statues. That is to say, just look forward, lips pursed, complete silence (except when she does an eye roll or shows a cringe).

She berated one whose response was that it STILL hadn't been made clear how some of the revenue numbers actually worked. Failing an explanation, he vote no.

The other was the "Liaison from the Gilford Selectboard for the night" as the regular liaison couldn't be there. When challenged, he gave a rather witty quip of "Kevin planned it that way". Then further explained that's his default stance on anything he didn't know the details on (he's an engineer). He even offered to stay until midnight to learn enough to vote but did say that he'd be asking a lot of questions along the way.

Gretchen: "I don't think that's funny" as everyone else around her, ESPECIALLY the BudComm Chair Sean Murphy, was laughing at the quip. BudComm member Kristin Snow said the same thing.

The offer was not accepted and he was, IMHO, bullied into voting "Abstain"

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