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Alexander Tschugguel - Successful Covid Tyranny Pushback in Austria with Cancellation of Fines
Mar 24, 2022

Hearts of Oak

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It was great to have Alexander Tschugguel back with us to look at the changes that have happened in Austria since we last spoke in December. This episode is a good news story for a change, as the Covid tyranny the Country has been subjected to has suffered a setback because the people found their voices and stood up to the government. With only days to go the would be dictators were forced to drop their fines for any citizen who had not undertaken the novel gene therapy injection. Alexander discusses with us how they managed to change this attack on civil liberty and he also shares his thoughts on the situation in Ukraine, Austria and beyond.

Alexander Tschugguel is a well-known Austrian Catholic, Conservative and pro-life activist, he is famous for having tipped into the Tiber a series of “Pachamama” statuettes that had been on display in a nearby church during the Amazon Synod and for his many actions in defense of traditional Catholic teaching. More recently, he has also become one of the leading figures of opposition against covid lockdown measures and forced vaccination policies in Austria and is taking a stand against totalitarianism in his country. Alexander is the president of the St. Boniface Institute, a Vienna based Catholic think tank, which he founded in 2019. It was created as a platform to support the fight for the traditional Catholic faith and to defend that faith whenever and wherever necessary. Follow St Boniface Institute on Twitter @Inst_StBoniface And you can follow Alexander on Twitter @ATschugguel

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