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Kaelan Dorr: GETTR VP Marketing - GETTR Success and Every New Feature
Mar 21, 2022

Hearts of Oak

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GETTR has been making waves in the world of social media since it launched on 4th July 2021 and we personally have seen great engagement and views since joining.
We had the privilege of interviewing Jason Miller, the GETTR CEO back in November and tonight we have Kaelan Dorr who is the VP for Marketing and Global Engagement.
This new platform has promised a lot, and by and large has delivered great social media that can compete directly with Twitter.
It added livestream facility a few months ago and last week introduced cross posting with Twitter, ‘GETTR vision’ is in beta testing phase which will bring short video reels like TikTok and ‘GETTR pay’ is due to launch over the Summer.

Kaelan Dorr is from Ft. Stewart, Georgia and is the Vice President of Marketing and Global Engagement for GETTR social media and also serves as America First Policy Institute (AFPI) Senior Advisor for Communications.
Kaelan served as the Chief Marketing Officer for the Trump-Pence 2020 presidential campaign, worked under President Trump as a Senior Advisor at the Treasury Department and as Director of Congressional and Intergovernmental Communications at the White House.
He is a veteran of the Trump-Pence 2016 presidential campaign and before that worked at Jamestown Associates consulting for political candidates and issue advocacy groups at the state and federal levels. Dorr is a graduate of Elon University in North Carolina, and currently resides in Arlington, Virginia with his hound dog, Daisy.

Follow Kaelan on GETTR: @Kaelan Twitter: @KDORR_USA

America First Policy Institute:
AFPI on Twitter: @A1Policy

Interview recorded 21.3.22

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