Dec 26, 2020
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  • I upgraded to Pro and keeps telling me to still upgrade to pro and i can't upload videos?!

  • GabTV is an aggravating waste of time. Just blew about 15 minutes trying to post a message on the video about the EU and memes. Kept getting some bogus error message that made no sense and provided no clue how to fix whatever problem it was having. This seems to happen on a lot of places on Gab. Had similar problem just trying to post some excerpts from an article last night on the regular Gab platform. Why can't your coders give us ERROR MESSAGES that give a clue how to fix the problem?? Or give an advisory at top of the posting window as to restrictions that would cause an error and failure to post?? :((

  • I upgraded yesterday, but my account still shows that I do not have access to create a channel or upload videos to it. I do have some upgraded options on the social side, but not here at GabTV. Is there a multi-day delay to access? I made direct payment and it was processed by my bank yesterday. Thanks.

  • Don't you offer live streaming?

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