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Other Poor Sleep Habits (2)
Oct 01, 2022


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ommon Sleeping Problems

Not Enough Sleep

This should seem pretty obvious, but if you don't sleep the seven to nine hours your body naturally requires, you will start to slip. Your body goes through a natural sleep cycle, slipping from REM sleep to multiple deep sleep stages.

All these sleep stages are critical and restorative, and if you don't sleep long enough, your body will suffer because you don't spend the necessary amount of time rejuvenating through each phase of sleep. Just restructuring your life to be able to sleep for a whole night can do wonders for your health.

Abnormal Sleeping Patterns

There are a ton of careers out there that don't permit you to establish a normal and healthy sleep pattern. Doctors and nurses work long hours and often are required to flip their entire schedules on a day's notice. Firefighters and EMTs must remain on call for long hours, finding short respites of sleep interrupted by high adrenaline periods of activity. For sleep to be most restorative, your body must adhere to a healthy pattern.

Hormone levels rise and fall throughout the day, controlling hunger, fatigue, and energy levels, and if your schedule is too all over the place, you may find yourself with energy rushing through your veins just when you lay your head down to rest.

Although there is only so much you can do regarding regularizing your sleeping patterns in many cases, make every effort to establish sleeping habits as close to normal as possible.

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