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The Connection Between Low T And Infertility
Oct 04, 2022


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The Connection Between Low-T and Infertility

Why Does Testosterone Deficiency Cause Infertility?

One of the most sure-fire signs of Testosterone Deficiency is lack of libido. Everyone knows that sex drive is tightly connected to Low-T. Even though there are many other symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency, this is the single symptom that most people understand and recognize. Most people also know that Low-T is one of many causes of Erectile Dysfunction, although there are a few other common causes as well.

Who Should Use Testosterone HRT?

For men that are experiencing trouble in the bedroom, whether that be the result of a lack of sex drive, lack of functional ability, or both, Testosterone Hormone Treatments are a fantastic tool for restoring normal sexual function in a large segment of aging males.

However, there is one potential problem involved regarding Testosterone HRT, and every man should be made aware of it, no matter the age. Testosterone Replacement can put energy back into your love life, but it can also reduce your fertility while using it.

Infertility and Testosterone Replacement

According to urological specialists, Testosterone HRT significantly impacts a man's ability to bear children effectively. Some studies have explored the potential of Testosterone Replacement Therapy as a form of birth control.

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