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The 12 Best Dean Koontz Books Of All Time
Jul 13, 2022



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The 12 Best Dean Koontz Books Of All Time Known for his suspense thrillers, Dean Koontz is a well-known, beloved American bestselling author. Here, we’ll explore 12 of Dean Koontz’s best works. Dean Koontz fans know the author works elements of various literary genres in his thriller novels, from horror to fantasy to science fiction. Thirty of the author’s novels have hit the number one spot on The New York Times Bestseller List. Born in Pennsylvania, Koontz had a strict upbringing, dealing with abuse from his father. Koontz found solace in the courage of his mother and eventually went on to graduate from Shippensburg State College in 1967. He went on to teach English in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Early in his career, he began using various pen names, such as Deanna Dwyer, Aaron Wolfe, Brian Coffey, Leigh Nichols, and Richard Paige. Under new names, Koontz felt that it was safer to explore themes that could potentially turn off certain groups of readers to his future work. Here, we’ll explore the 12 best Dean Koontz books that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

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