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Federal Judges EVERYWHERE Have Had Enough - THE FIGHT IS ON
Dec 15, 2021

Inspiration Station

Please be comforted in the fact that truth and good always prevail over evil, even when it...



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God bless! Dee

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  • I'm concerned about the Supreme Court. I don't believe they will make a correct ruling, and I also don't believe we are going to have free and fair elections in 2022. Even if lower court judges rule correctly, the SC can still turn it over.

  • Nice work! There is a LOT of room for out-of-the-mainstream news and views; a real hunger and thirst from a populace tired of the homogeneous, paid-off, media we experience daily ...

  • You're fucking delusional. It's cute that Xtians LOVE to put every thing good that happens on "god" and everything bad on the "devil" or "free will", but remember kids, "god is in control"...............

    If god is in control, then everything that happens is on god. You can't have it both ways, douche bag

  • More and more are finally awaken to the crime And upholding our Constitution

  • Yeah... Supreme Court's gonna save the day, alright. You betcha. Just like they rolled over on the NY mandates. Whatever. I just know I'm not about to get jabbed, no matter the consequences.

  • We Keep praying and standing for Liberty and against all Tyranny!

  • I was surprised, too, then today the 6th decided to reinstate. However, its still not over.

  • Jesus - The original pureblood

  • This is evidence God cares about those who love Him in Spirit and Truth! Families are not priority to God! God can, and will separate Great Families to show the foolishness of mankind! You people are not awake, if you don't see what is about to take place. Repent now while you still have a heart and conscience to do so, because Satan is coming after that. Don't be the lofty ones who will cry out with guilt and shame before the presence of God! Trust you me folks --- HELOOOOOOOO --- listen very very closely: We are NOT going back to what we were before.

    (Thank for sharing your thoughts) When things spin around, focus on the center. Center on God for you'll have a better perspective there.

  • Very Pretty Young Lady... Jesus is the Christ!!!


  • rofl only a fool thinks the Judges will all the sudden turn good... its a joke... a con... they are simply afraid cause the cockroaches are in the light now...

  • Niggers love there jesus.

  • Watch Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. Also watch

  • Yes Dee, wonderful things are happening and will continue until the world is a much better place for all.

  • Wish they would leave black people alone, stop making black people the Democrats battering ram.

  • At 500 pages a month it will take them 60 years to release it all😳

  • New sub. I needed to hear this today. Bless you so much.

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