Nov 29, 2021

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Please be comforted in the fact that truth and good always prevail over evil, even when it...



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God bless! Dee

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  • Yep my gf says “as soon as this covid stuff is all over and I had to interrupt and say “friend” covid is not goin away”.

  • Thank you for being a voice of common sense. The world needs more like you.

  • It ends when people stop going along with it. Let's stop calling it Omicron and start calling it what it REALLY is: MORONIC.

    Because that's what you are if you're still buying this COVID hoax.

  • the plan is for the future cashless banking system AND the new Citizen Control Network...

    who is going to TEST new vaccine technology that CHANGES YOUR DNA for the NEW CASHLESS BANKING SYSTEM??? one.

    so, the vaccinated are getting SICKER.

    Because the jabs that do NOT work for the flu/covid. They are not intended to keep anyone healthy.

    They are the software for the new banking system and to monitor our every move..birth to death.

    they will keep the LIES going until everyone is vaccinated with the NEW SOFTWARE.

    till the day they...THROW THE SWITCH.

    and those that refuse, will be confined for's already starting....WAKE THE 'F' UP!

  • haha ...God is letting Satan lock us down over a manmade flu


  • It will come, just ask the LAMESTREM MEDIA, kiddo, It only exists as long as you give it merit. Love you! And yeah, for the record, I am a WHITE MAN, I want you to show this to everyone. What we BOTH are, is awake and God's children. Thanks babe,,,,,,,,you give hope. God Bless you and your husband

  • How can they not know the details of what they made? YEARS AGO

  • Newfoundland, Canada here, shared your awesome video in our Facebook group

  • It means that you are all gonna dies and I will get your stuff! YAY!

  • Amen, we are winning, resist these tyrants!!!

  • Completely unrelated, but I like your sweater/earrings combo, nice look altogether, very pretty :)

  • It's called Operation Warp Speed! Which wasn't about getting out a vaccine at warp speed, it's about a needle in every arm. We are being attacked with a bio weapon and fear by our own Government and the Military is running it.

  • Pandemic will only end after the 2024 Presidential Election. Hopefully the Trump Conservatives will walk away with it.

  • Thank you Dee. Stay with us. Stay healthy. We shall prevail.

  • When is last time the flu morphed into a new stain, isn't it a corona virus? Maybe the Chinese made a X-man virus. Such bull.

  • Subbed

  • Logic!!!!!!

  • It’s probably in the comments somewhere, but, in case it is not— the jokesters say that the new ‘thing’ spells MORONIC if one scramble the letters around!?! Everything is everything, Rite?! And we all knownIT IS ALL ABSOLUTELY MORONIC. We must stop falling prey to the moronic theme and LIVE one’s life!

  • HQL is over the counter in most African countries.

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