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IT'S NOW HERE! New Machines In Stores May Prevent Those Without Vaccine (AND THE MARK) from Making Purchases
Jan 28, 2022

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Please be comforted in the fact that truth and good always prevail over evil, even when it...



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  • Resist. Resist. Make these machines and their stores go bankrupt. Vote with your dollar. Resist.

  • I always shop at Sprouts or Whole foods for the produce,. almost NEVER get anything from the frozen section. It's way better for your health anyhow to eat raw/fresh foods.

  • It started with the Covid biio-weapon, then the 'answer', the deadly Vaxx....Vaxx mandates, forcing, dividing, tearing the USA apart....the 'chip'....first it was for pets and seniours with dementia or, the perfect 'answer' to vaccine cards, credit card fraud...Just put all your pertinent information in something the size of a grain of rice and implant it in your hand... I know there are those who are skeptical and call anyone who truly believes the Words of God in Revelation regarding the NWO, the rise of the Anti-Christ, So doubters, those glass dispensers are there to take away yet more of our freedoms. If you listened to the video, they are set up to spy on you, to analyze you, to make a decision for you...whether or not you are worthy and/or compliant enough to deserve your Pepsi...JS Wake up!

  • I am vaccinated. I got vaccinated so I could administer the Holy Eucharist to people in institutions who can't attend mass. These institutions mandated only vaccinated people can enter. I would be more then willing to assist others buying what ever it is they can't because they choose to live free. Also depending on what state your in they won't prosecute felons who entertain SMASH & GRAB !

  • We have these for a few years in Walgreens. Never locked. What are you trying to say here?

  • Act like a superstar; hat and sunglasses. You are totally right about the phones. At least leave them in the car, do not take them inside with you.

  • This is simply soda machines, nothing more.

  • They keep trying.

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