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Media Shocked and Outraged By Joe Biden's Statement
Dec 28, 2021

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Please be comforted in the fact that truth and good always prevail over evil, even when it...



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God bless! Dee

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  • hi, I'm new to your channel, and I like what your saying. this sounds very much like the record industry and Hollywood

  • If you are afraid you are not a reporter stop wasting my time time our times!

  • While As A Christian Let’s Go Brandon is hate speech and we should not promote it. But definitely Joe Biden is in league with evil. This country has adopted many evil ways like homosexuality, the government is corrupt and money is king. This is why Our Great Country is not blessed anymore since we as a country have abandoned our God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Joe Biden is not innocent. He chose his path to run for President, he chose his evil crooked life. Our Job as Christians is to further the ministry of the church and save more souls. To convert these evil unsaved souls into Christian believers.

  • Oh, Jill knows. She knows!

  • Clickbait? I thought you would present the "Let's go Brandon" incident; then comment on it would have been fine.

  • That reporter could hear clearly. This pokes at the fact that the media willingly lies. Lies, lies, lies to the people.

  • People say it so that they can express the same idea without the swear word. I heard "F Joe Biden" everywhere either he or crowds show up.

    Lets go Brandon was the number one song on iTunes for a while, before it got banned. It's the global majority consensus on treason.

    99% of people who say it knows he's a Fraud, imo. They just dont wanna say the f word. :)

  • No HE doesn't know what it means. Jill knew exactly what it meant. Look at her face!

  • theyre outraged because theyre pussyasswimpcowarddogs. we dealt with their baby ass crying for four years...they WILL deal with any abuse we want to dish out on their asses or bidens.

  • It IS Brandon! He could have declined to run! We all know Obama is behind everything since he hates America! But...Quit trying to make up excuses for him! Joe's wife should be ashamed of herself by letting him run and not putting him in a retirement home! But yet you say about Trump: "His BIG OLD MOUTH!"

  • Play the rest of the video and see if you can tell where Jill clicked the button to kill the interview.

    Her face drops and shrivels as she does it.

  • The first couple are a huge embarrassment to the United States.

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  • yes and it was their choice. LOL Allowed? Say anything you like Freedom of Speech is our Right. Be Blessed.

  • Jilly knew. This clip doesn't show her huge frown of doubt immediately after the end of this clip.

  • Please don't make excuses for evil. That gives place to the Devil. Call it out like Jesus did! More people need to awaken and see the enemy is right amongst you. Until this happens, Satan will have room to boast.

  • You are definitely right about it being a total puppet show. It is hard to remember that sometimes. I find myself getting angry at the people I see as well. Are you thinking they have no choice? Like possibly they are being threatened or blackmailed? Honestly curious what you think about that situation. I do think there are players we all know and hear often like Soros, Gates, and likely Pelosi. I think there are definitely some big things going on behind the scenes that we would all be severely outraged to know. I mean, look at the things going on right in front of our faces without shame. God only knows, and I shutter to think.

  • Thanks Dee. Looking good. Try to get more of us to follow you here where you don't have to self censor. watching you hold back on Gab is too ironic.

  • Watch more closely, Jill Cringes...

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