Millions of People May UNKNOWINGLY Consume The Vaccine Through Food
Nov 22, 2021

Please be comforted in the fact that truth and good always prevail over evil, even when it...


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God bless! Dee

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  • This pandemic is being used to take over the world by the NWO .

  • Dont worry they are going to starve us to death . Its all about population control .

  • stomach acid will dissolve any chemicals ingested. It doesn't make sense to have a vaccine that is absorbed thru the stomach or intestinal lining.

  • many of the LBTQACDEFGHIJKMNOPRSUVWXYZ+++++++++++++ communities are all jabbed. many democrats are jabbed. many republicans are jabbed. most of the Mormon's are jabbed. i do believe that the unjabbed are the minority right now. and the fauci/gates administration is doing their damnedest to get the unjabbed, jabbed. i really do pray that this crap is stopped soon.

  • I wonder why I can't play this video without it pausing every second but I can watch other videos just fine?

  • This is insane. Time to learn how to grow our own food.

  • Wake up people.

  • I'd be worried about ODing on the vaccine if the vegetables aren't marked.

  • Great so I guess I'll stop eating now.

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