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Pastor Joel Osteen Accused Of Hiding $600,000 In WALLS OF CHURCH ---- WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?
Dec 10, 2021

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Please be comforted in the fact that truth and good always prevail over evil, even when it...



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  • you ever see how thid guy lives? Don't defend him.

  • Christians love to trash each other and throw rocks without proof. Which... is not love. The core of the commandments. Love God and love people.

  • The young lady set a good example of objective evaluation of facts. She stated her bias in favor of Joel Osteen, though she stated specifics she thought he could or should improve. She obviously is not jealous of his success, big church, huge audience, big income, etc. Iow, she obeys 10th Commandment that prohibits covetousness. Therefore she is at little risk of also violating 9th Commandment, of bearing false witness against her neighbor, because she does not envy him. I like how she said that even though she thought his message was not sufficiently confrontational, she observed it did minister to non-believers or newbies.

  • These Prosperity Preachers obviously don't believe in God or Judgement!

  • He, Copeland and others are mere wolves in sheep clothing, they are known as Prosperity Preachers! I woke up to that long ago.

  • I thought people woke up to this nonsense with Jim Jones or Tammy Faye & Jim Baker......

  • Probably how much those fake teeth cost. FYI you don't need to pay to go to church OR pay to listen to someone preach you into group think. Your church is your home or wherever you feel comfortable, if you so believe. All these charlatans are only into it for the money. Jesus wore rags and didn't bilk people out of money to hear him speak.

  • @Turin Joel Osteen may be a greedy scumbag but please stop with the Freemason conspiracy theory crap.

  • Surprise me: Fake Christians vouching for fake Christians while getting the message out: "We got that guy fired - yep, that's the kind of power we have". Osteen is a Freemason and Texas is a Freemason stronghold.

    #Satanism #Witchcraft #Freemasonry

  • I say the plumber did it with the wrench in the loo

  • The gospel of prosperity? How does that square with "take up your cross"? Probably hiding the money from his wife.

  • Wow. Just wow. She believes anything criminals tell her.

  • when Joel Osteen is standing in front of the judgement seat of Christ, I fear the worst for him.

  • Oh brother, y’all are stupid. This was a crime already solved and Joel had nothing to do with it. Y’all are insane. Lol

  • He smiles all the time and teaches falsehood, that says it all!

  • Way to tease up the nut-bags! (it's frankly impressive, particularly when you compare word count to nut-bag triggered ratio.)

    Osteen doesn't take a salary; he makes his income from book sales.

    Pastors, especially senior pastors, don't handle church contributions for obvious reasons.

    From personal experience, it's usually the USHERS that have the opportunity and sometimes DO steal contributions.

  • There will be no place to hide on the Day of Judgment.

  • I first saw this guy like 20 years ago and it took me a total of 1 SECOND to see he was a scumbag. Not having intuition must be a drag

  • This guy......... SMH. His Dad was John Osteen and a good pastor but Richie Rich here is a CINO - Christian In Name Only. Everything about him just reeks worldiness and entitlement. The sad thing is that he really beleives his only nonsense even though everything about his message and his lifestyle are the antithesis of Jesus.

  • WHen one KNOWS the financial background of Osteen and his building up of treasures on earth... one would be LYING by pretending hes not a piece of shit.

    Bad take. Osteen sucks.

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