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The Pushback Against The Vaccine Is Stronger Than Ever! ---- Things Are Crazy In Kazakhstan
Jan 08, 2022

Inspiration Station

Please be comforted in the fact that truth and good always prevail over evil, even when it...



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God bless! Dee

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  • Inspiration Station. you are brave, smart, and beautiful.

  • My mother is 87 and although she has internet she is completely illiterate when it comes to using her computer. So she sits in front of the TV all day. I mentioned what's going on in Kazakhstan and she was clueless. MSN isn't showing any of that.

  • No, people are dieing from the vaccines and the people want it stopped. The government is resisting and I found out the President and Prime Minister flew out in Exile; no doubt it'll get worst.

  • There comes a time when good men and women must stand up!

  • Amen your Wright on its not about fuel.

  • I don't trust anybody claiming the swamp is afraid of the people protesting. The swamp wants unrest and it plays right into their hands. This sounds like Q all over again. Nothing of substance.

  • I'm not sure if it's true but i've been reading that the last straw was people not being able to withdraw money at banks unless they had the vaccine ID.

  • I didn't believe it was fuel prices either.

  • They are taking to the streets and risking personal safety because they perceive that to be a lesser risk than being genetically modified and shot full of Graphene.

  • Forget Washington. The real enemy headquarters are the MSM facilities, Big Pharma headquarters and Silicon Valley. I'm going off grid and getting a ham radio with a manual. If we get kicked out of everything I won't worry about the operator license. Also a short wave radio, walky talkies, a printer & fax. And an old TV you can use to transmit images via ham waves.

  • i heard some of the police and army joined the protest side and are now in control. hope it's true. Thank You Dee. Well done.

  • What did shutting down Kazak's internet achieve for the Kazak government? It validated the Kazak people's cries of oppression. Silencing the Kazak people was to help the globalists silence the cries. It proves that the governments of the nations are in cahoots conspiring against the people. It is a global totalitarian agenda.

  • They've killed dozens of Russian and Kazakhstan troops and the troops killed many protesters. In Ukraine the people are beating the heck out of the militarized police force. In Paris they're uprising today as well. All over the world. Everyone is against it.

  • We the People, can not assist another until We the People wake up and deal with all the corrupt Politicians, Judges,, Ceo's, Teachers, and most of all the Banks and our own Nation's financial structure. Peace.

  • another strong woman on the right side. nice.

  • So, when they dhut off the power, people will be forced to get off their asses and go turn it back on. Get in the street and support the movement. Beat down anyone that says otherwise. Should have done it already what Kaz is doing. Hang them from the street posts. Then give them a fair trial. Fuk them!!!



    Its on all right!!!

  • First place i searched for access was astana university . No issues getting through.

  • I think I am very informed about the news, but I did not connect any of the dots you laid out. Just found you and you are already a favorite truth teller!

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