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The Truth About Whoopi Goldberg's Suspension
Feb 05, 2022

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Please be comforted in the fact that truth and good always prevail over evil, even when it...



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  • The Germans identified themselves as a superior race, German or Germanic race. Those women are just uneducated and dumb. That was a race issue.

  • Jews were bankrupting Europe and trying to justify sex with kid.. Germany didn't gas anyone.. the Havana accord makes that obvious.

  • I am glad you are here now! I try to watch you here rather than YT

  • 0:20:17 I love you Priestess Woman, your walking into the way of truth "And the meek will inherit the Earth" the flat earth that is, that globe is theirs, didn't know you were a christian?

  • 0:11:21 I spoke too soon, I love this Woman..The Christ Consciousness is back

  • Sweetness, I hope to marry you someday, but right now I'm having a laugh at how hard it is for you to wake up and smell the betrayal. isn't it wonderful?

  • Here are some links that may answer your questions you are on track about protecting a certain group of people. If they haven't taken them down there is a study on the the Khazarian Mafia that will assist you. The late Pastor Darby has some insight on this also look up Negro Land it will blow you mind. I hope this helps great video keep up the good work.

  • The Germans were NOT racists against Jews. They were Nationalists against anyone who was not German. They were told that the Jews were going to take over Germany and had to be stopped before the motherland was no longer Germany as they knew it. Jews are not White. Whites are from Europe. Jews are from Asia.

  • I do not think it happened as we are told. Yes Jews were killed but likely only in the 100s of 1000s and not 6 million. The Vatican was involved and knew. The US knew. A lot of people knew and let it happen. Yes Hitler was bad and evil but I think Zionist Jews/KhazzarJews/Synagouge of satan Jews that practice Kabbalah and have been planning a one world govt/NWO helped him do it. Reformed Jews wanted Traditional Jews out of the picture and then also wanted to be able to call themselves Jews and everyone who disagrees an anitsemite. These satanic pseudo Jews have been kicked out of over 100 countries for a reason. They practice black magic, sacrifice infants, eat human flesh, and rape children for their "sexual energy". They control the media, the state, entertainment, music and basically the world. The Holocaust numbers I doubt though because people have crunched the numbers and they don't add up. If you take all the ovens in all the camps and try to make the numbers work in the given time frame it just can't happen. They would have had to stack the bodies up 10 at a time in the ovens and run them 24/7 without stopping to get to 6 million and you just can't burn more than a body or two even in modern crematories. Also the Zyclon B gas that they supposedly used to kill them wasn't used for that purpose. It was for delousing the prisoners as they came into camp to stop it from spreading. And there's also evidence that the chimney for the ovens were added later after the camps were closed down. Also photos and testimonies prove that conditions weren't as bad as they say. They had swimming pools, and stages to put on plays and musicals. Photos were faked. There are plenty of instances of photos that have been proven to be manipulated. Before and after photos of the same image but changed. It's all too much to explain in a comment. The actual numbers that died in the camps during WWII were likely around 200,000. And they weren't systematically exterminated as we were told, most died from disease and starvation as the war drug on and supply chains got destroyed by the Allies. Was it horrendous conditions? Yes. Was it as bad as we were told? Not even close. Way more people lost their lives to communism than by Hitler and the Nazi's.

  • She is an arrogant ignoramus loud mouth person...she is suppose to be sensitive on such things as she was referring too....but she deserved what she got and should be fired being a racist person she is which should not be allowed on tv as others have been fired for making racial remarks and agitating the audiences which she is doing. I am still waiting for her to leave as she promised if trump was elected...she's still here and causing all this harm now. She should be taken off the airwaves as a few of the others on the show should go too.

  • Funny how people of color can hate any other group of people that is a different from them and there's nothing wrong with that - that's just the way it is. But whites - all they have to do is wake up in the morning and that's considered racist and white supremacy. Nothing wrong with white oppression. Nothing wrong with marginalizing anything and everything that has ever happened to white people by any other group of people for any reason.

    What's weird to me is that whites are being replaced in nearly all commerical advertising and all television programming; I have to be content with doctors of color while people of color have a right to request a doctor that matches their color; the city bus drivers of color can roll right past me and not let me on the bus and that's okay but if any bus driver rolls past any person of color it's racist, systemic racism and you can complain ...

    What's weird to me is that some forms of bigotry, descrimination, and racism are okay and are being normalized and even glamorized while whites can't call someone out for wanting all whites to be shot dead.

  • Goldberg is a german name. She's a nazi. and a nigger. and a fat ugly old bitch

  • You should read the book, "The Myth of German Villainy" by Benton L. Bradberry. That book redpilled me about the Jews.

  • Go to odyssey or bitchute and watch the doc series: Europa The Last Battle to get a bit of education on WW2 that wasn't in the history books. You know that group of people none of us are allowed to disagree with got it banned. If this was a white person on the View saying something against the far radical left they would have immediately been fired.

  • This was a very good video. Christians need to understand that they are being led astray. They support the oppressor of our brothers and sisters in christ in other countries over a group of people that claim to be "God's Chosen" people. This is because they have been brainwashed. I have been researching this for the last several years and am now sure that we have been lied to about the "H" and history has been changed to support the narrative.

    In regards to the bible, scripture does not say that those people in the land called Israel today were brought there from God. It does not say that and I have proved this to others. This ideology have been taught to christian leaders as they teach to their congregation.

    I am thankful to see a true Israelite speak the truth and is not ashamed or afraid to do so.

  • Boy that Ana navarro creature is incredibly obese!

  • Greetings Sis you are right. This topic is heavily censored on Gab too the J and the H. Gulags Gestapoes Apartheid Eugenics and Japhetite Tribes progenitor of Esau Edom Rome Chittim Kittim Idumea Ashkenaz Togarmah

  • God Almighty Promised Abraham, "Those Who bless you, I will bless. Those who curse You, I will curse". (that is one reason for me anyways, To Stand with Israel. It'll help people understand this if ONLY they read "THEIR" Bible. ) God does NOT break HIS Promises. RE: Whoopi, She is a Pathological Liar, She's misleading, She's The racist, She TWISTS the truth, But that was what she was hired for so what can anyone expect?

  • Whoopi is making an attempt to circumvent the backlash coming against Goos.


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