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Truckers In Canada Going BERSERK Over Vaccine Mandates
Feb 10, 2022

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Please be comforted in the fact that truth and good always prevail over evil, even when it...



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  • 1 Samuel 17:45-47, Psalm 60:11-12

  • Canadians Camp Out in Sub-Zero Weather in the Middle of the Wilderness for Months, and they Call It FUN. Good Luck with your Commie Tyranny Fidel Trudeau.

  • Evil will fail. The narrative is collapsing.

  • There are a lot of us who have been trying to wait this out. Let's just say you're not likely to find us with a sign in our hands when we've had enough.

    The abuse is mind boggling. Trudeau has a huge stake in the nano lipid tech and gets a piece of every shot GLOBALLY per Dr David Martin.

    They know that in Germany 30% of the people killed another 30% while the other 40% watched. That is their business model.

    People don't seem to grasp that they have been threatening their neighbours for two years - now we have had enough, and aren't going to live like this any longer.

  • forgive this minor rant....(here he goeas again) I have been watching the news report on the truckers in canada. I have noticed they are missing the real point of the protests. you see it is not so much about the jab as it is individual freedoms. when the government takes away your rights it is time to fight/ in this case the government is taking your right to choose and live free. by requiring you to get an experimental jab and prove it before you can even go out to eat or shop or even go to worship, then it is time to stand for those rights. when the government takes away your medical freedom, it is time. when they disregard the main charter of the country and say due to this emergency we have voided the constitution, it is time. this is what the MSM is missing or avoiding in their reports. That is what the truckers are fighting for.

  • Canada has purchased 12 doses for every man woman and child in the nations...... not a good omen for the future!

  • Unfortunately, the Marxist powers that be are not going to be defeated since they're part of the NWO Global agenda and consider themselves invincible. I can see the powers that be deciding to attack from the air to disable them enough to move and carry out arrests. There is talk of them looking at removing the protestor's children and putting them in care.

    The People in general are going to have to form militias and get themselves highly trained in the process. High-tech arms are a must and being prepared to die and kill for freedom is going to become a necessity in the near future, I'm afraid.

  • As a Canadian I support the Truckers Freedom Convoy.I do not support Justin Trudeau.

  • Btw, gofundme tried to send donations to other charities (illegal)

  • My fellow Canadians are heroes!!!

  • Truckers are heroes.

  • Respect Lady..Love from ENGLAND..

  • They are putting HIV in some of the vaccines.

  • I imaging rail road stocks are up.

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