Oct 06, 2021

Inspiration Station

Please be comforted in the fact that truth and good always prevail over evil, even when it...



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God bless! Dee

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  • Your hair looks so lovely and straight. How do you get it that way?

  • Dee I got Gab and followed you here from YT. You do a great job with your videos. May the Lord Jesus Bless you!!! Stay encouraged sister and continue to tell people the truth!

  • Wonderful to see you here!!

  • Congratulations and thank you for the inspiration I need to post my banned audio podcasts here on GAB, and to step out into the visual realm of digital warfare. God Bless you. I truly respect @a and the GAB platform.

  • Great job, good luck!

  • Followed you here from YouTube. Love you channel. God bless!

  • Looking forward to your content, welcome.

  • Welcome to Gab TV! Keep up the good fight and God bless! Much less stress here. No need to fear being censored or banned as long as you have FREE legal speech.

  • Followed you.- Blessings

  • WC❤️

  • Your doing a great Job. Thank you for your content. God Bless!

  • Welcome to Gab

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