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Will THIS Finally Wake People Up!
Mar 18, 2022

Inspiration Station

Please be comforted in the fact that truth and good always prevail over evil, even when it...



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God bless! Dee

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  • its all theatre which leads up to global genocide. Once they murder half the worlds population with another bioweapon they simply blame it on a viral plague. No one can prove otherwise as long as the media runs cover for the lies and the truth gets censored online by the techies. Then it all goes down in the history books as the worst viral plague to ever hit humanity.

  • Another lecture on what we already know from a nigger trying to look and sound intelligent.

  • @Inspiration Station - Ukraine has two big issues nobody is talking about; 1) It has massive Lithium, Cobalt, & other rare earth elements and 2) Over 7 million Ukrainians signed up for fully-digital ID cards because they have had a very low jab rate. To facilitate this they were given a few hundred Euros/USD which is a lot of money there. It has ALL their medical records (jab, jab,jab included). It is social credit. Persons who think they are done with 2 jabs are in total denial. I'd recommend people ditch their iPhones & googled android phones & either get someone to de-google your phone or do it themselves and use a mobile OS that leaks a lot less data. Everything is going to tied to people's phones.

  • Also, if it's a real vaccine, then the old vaccine isn't going to help if there's a new strain. Really these people should leave matters like voting to adults who are capable of thinking for themselves. Allowing someone who can't think to vote is like allowing someone who can't see to drive.

  • I don't know why anyone would still listen to the Democrats at this point, and I also don't know why so many people don't form their own views on things. I really think that some people are not fit intellectually and emotionally to vote - as the act of voting is an act of making decisions which will affect the entire country. There is no point in allowing the type of people who's thoughts are not, and never are, their own, to have a say in things, because they really have nothing to say. They are just a built in advantage for the left, making it harder for people who do actually have their own views to be represented in the government. There ought to be some mechanism to screen these people out, and it's not wrong to say that, since the ruling class is trying to do that with us via the Great Reset and social credit system they want to bring in. Better we do it to them than they do it to us, because one way or another someone is going to be locked out of power.

  • Thanks for the video. A family member of mine was double vaxxed, got the coof and was hospitalized. Very scary. He is absolutely convinced that the V saved him from death when in reality he is alive because we took him to the hospital where he spent a week. He also had to be helped to recuperate. Well, no one else in the family had been vaxxed or had natural immunity from the coof except me and my household. So he came here to recover. He was still very sick and weak, oxygen needing to be supplied all day etc. 3 weeks after he recovered and went home he gets the booster. 10 days after that he came down with the omicron. Still believes this genetic therapy kept him from being sicker or dead. Unbelievable. Also takes in a steady stream of MSM and believes every word of it.

  • They will get outrageous when they find out that the new "variant" actually only is dangerous for the vaxxed...

  • The are always voting up with something to enslave people to fear. They bring up a crisis snd then come up being the heroes with a new vaccine. Claim All protection psalms before you go out the door.

  • Yea, Dee, Sadly, we're now at every Christian for themselves. We can't save other people. We can only share, but it's up to them. In the final scenes, there's not gonna be many saved. When the Son of Man returns, Will He find Faith on the Earth?

  • Lots of people with Big V are crawling in their holes at this point. Not all, but lots of them are realizing that it was a scam or at least not what they were sold and so they are feeling used and ashamed. My heart hurts for them. We tried, the gov and MSM lied, people died... and the dying is just beginning imo.

  • Is correct it's made up if you understand how the rt-pcr procedure works it's the covid test. If you understand scientifically how it works. And then you read the studies how they supposedly found these viruses and purify them and identify them. You were done start understand this is all big freaking lie to scare the hell out of you and Trust the experts and other words fail the Milgram experiment. And if you don't know what the Milgram experiment is I highly recommend you look up. Stop believing the experts because they wear a white suit or they are on TV. Quit being that dumb sheep. Learn how the rt-pcr procedure really works then find the scientific studies how they purified the SARS virus the H1 N1 virus the HIV virus the cold virus the flu viruses the covid-19 virus. Then all you have to do is actually read the methods probably just the last two pair of two or three paragraphs of the methods section. How they really purified it. And then you'll find out like the rest of us they never did. And it doesn't follow Medical Science procedures called Kosh postulates not at all... Then you can come to your own conclusions from that point forward just keep finding scientific studies and read the methods over and over again. I recommend start following dr. Sam Bailey or dr. Kaufman and see how they came to their conclusions real doctors real scientist agreeing with you because they did the same research that's not hard to do

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