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2MoT - Chinese Time Travel? - IPOT Presents - 2.13.21
Feb 13, 2021


From the near future.

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  • The future is going to happen, but it hasn’t yet, just saying. I am pretty sure it is knuckleheadery to be tampering with father times utility belt. 🕸🪃⌛️⚙️⏳🕸

  • How stupid do you got to be, to believe anything the Chinese say?

  • They can build a time machine if the United States has one. They can buy the technology from Biden like they got the ability to get into space from the Clintons.

  • The video stopped at 27 seconds. Wish I could have seen the whole thing.

  • sir pa-trick,... you rock sir,..... rock!

  • They've been trying to hide their over 40 pyramids; and the tall blond/redheaded mummies; for so long, the truth gets out eventually. What we've learned is that China gets most of their technology from the U.S., I wouldn't be surprised if they got the tech for this from us also. Who knows how much the Clowns have given them.

  • Hasn’t CERN already tampered with this science? Scary.

  • It IS so Wong! 😆 Bloody hell... have they already done it and we’re in Groundhog Day? Time. Blows my wonderbits to pieces.

  • wvtrumpygirl 3 minutes ago

    Sir Patrick Mack, when all the truths are revealed, I believe that Q/Q+ recruited you in the very beginning to lay it all out for other content creators and us anons... to teach us through your unique talent positive outlook! You make the world a better place! We Love and Appreciate You! Wwg1wga

  • Your 2 minute specials are pretty awesome, or will be in the future.

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