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A Letter to Mike Pence (From Neon Revolt) - IPOT Presents - 12.28.20
Dec 29, 2020


From the near future.



Neon asked for us to share because he wanted Mister Vice President to hear. Perhaps he will.

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  • On that faithful day Pence stood on the side of Gods plan. We all have a choice to make. We all have a part to play. We knew it would be challenged. All part of the plan. Have faith.

  • SPM, That was beautifully read & written @neonrevolt . I watched when this dropped but here on 2/20/21+ I LISTENED & HEARD the concern & words of wisdom. Very💙 felt unfort unately, Too Late.30 pieces of silver was lookin too good for P 2 pass up . SAM played his role till the end..I've been a conissuer of both of your work for years. Did Neon really not know about pence & Ryan??? I thought every one knew🤡🐍 His wife got a envelope at poppys funeral. Watch the wives? I do . Anyhow, that was well done & I'm still proud to be a part of this badaZz community . keep being pursuity..😎🙏💙🤗💝holla SPM of Maple Thorpe. 🎂🎈MellyQ from freezing non working wind turbine TEXAS. ( yes the green old deal is whack) no power!! It'S 🌨🌬❄⛄cold. FlyPencyFly🦏

  • That fell on evil, deaf ears! He will live out his days, hated by the American people, as a Traitor. He is everything that many have said & more! He will never again get the chance to be a great leader! He is a failure as a leader & a failure as a human being! Was the money & revenge worth the price? Only time will tell.

  • Pence let us all down. There is nothing great about him. He missed his chance.

  • It is a very well written and inspiring letter Sir Patrick!!! It is a letter that the power in it shall not go to waist!!! It is a letter that was meant for another child of God, not the one that it was intended for. God only knows the name that will replace mr. pence. Make no doubt about it his name will be replaced!!!

  • Well...I guess we know about Mr. Pence, eh? I am no longer surprised by anything. God help us.

  • Well, now what? He batted away his leverage like he would a fly buzzing his face. Is he still playing a part or has he revealed his hand?

  • About a minute into it and sounds like hippy dippy platitude. I doubt Pence has time for that. About 3 minutes in sounds like the reading of a dry manifesto, and lost me. I probably agree with every word, but seems like something that should actually be penned.

  • Thank you, what a beautiful letter. You are an excellent preacher. Your message was heard, it looks like Pence just got removed....thank you again. We are trapped in Germany, three of our kids are still in NV and chance to get back for us by the 6th

  • Wow! Thank you IPOT for saying what all of us are feeling for our country. Beautifully expressed!

  • Pence, is Pence. Or Pence is McCain. Lets pray for the former.

    Happy New Year IPOT. WWG1WGA

  • It's my hope that our Vice President, Mike Pence, hears this. The words spoken reflect everything we all feel, think, and believe. We will never have another Donald Trump and Mike Pence. They are symbols of what strength is! And if the office is lost to the "president defect Joe Biden" and his "vice president reject Harris"., this country will descend into a state of madness, unlike anything we have experienced from the left to this day.

  • Well said, my fellow patriot

  • I am not american, but if america falls, so does the west (and the world). china used a bioweapon, funded the riots, bought politicians at every level, printed ballots, fund the fake news media and hollywood to give you china's narrative. the whole year of 2020 was a project, started years ago, but this was execution year, to launch a multipronged attack at the western world and conquer it by infiltration and division. i will lay down my life in the fight for america. this is maga country now.

  • Please avail us of a transcript of the GREAT monologue!

  • Great writer.

  • I don't trust VP Pence. I don't trust him at all.

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