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A Quick Burn - 2Legit Acquit - IPOT Presents - 2.17.21
Feb 16, 2021


From the near future.



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  • The news woman in the first clip reminds me of ‘Gretchen Wieners’ right before she snapped.

  • Whomever "thumbs down" this video is gay! You're probably the shitty beard, overweight girl that was flapping sounds outta her hairy jawls from the video. I didn't understand a thing she said!

  • Where can I find me some of that sweet, farm-fresh free-range cockroach milk? I can't seem to find it anywhere. :(

  • i want a where is she now new video lol

  • When SPM of Maplethorpe starts getting hysterical... I lol🤣🤣

  • The depth of knowledge to make these videos is staggering. The added creativity makes it phenomenal.

  • Lmfao!! Wtf is she about, stop eating Cheetos at midnight!!

  • “Jabby Jabby”

    ROFLY ROFLY Rolling On the Floor Laughing Yo.

    Master Mack, the Viceroy of Vocal Verve

  • Sorry Sir Patrick but Gab video streaming sucks bad and I'm at the point where it's no longer worth the effort. Loved your shows and info hope to see you back on rumble or bitchute

  • Still learning gab. Have your videos been moved to gab? There are a lot that i would love to find and listen to again.

  • I have no idea who this snotty reporter is but SMARMCAM fits her to a "T" !

  • Dear Mr. Mac. We need you to be a content provider again please. We miss you. Burns are great, but we miss the daily analysis.

  • Ever notice when comments are embarrassing for the Dems the interruptions are frequent/long so we don't get a smooth presentation like we do if it's something they don't care about...

  • Jabby, Jabby!! This was great, LOL

  • I could not stop laughing. I needed this! Keep up the Burns Sir Patrick Mack. Does the poor obese person ever seen Rubenesque figures. Highly doubt it. Did memorize his/her speech for Debate though. LOL

  • Sir Patrick Mack I miss you. Thank you for all you do❤️💥🤛🤛🤜🤜💥❤️

  • This is the invisible enemy of the world. "Sweden". Family Wallenberg. The Corporation Investor owns >Ericsson>ABB>Atlas Copco. Thru those corporations they own the whole payment system/banks and the information=Ericsson. Electric grids all around the world=ABB. Nature resources around the world=Atlas Copco. You will be surprised when the world finds out that the family Wallenberg from this "peace loving" country has Roths and Rockefeller's in their pockets, that they created all the dictators we have seen, they has used all the other countries as their "tools" they have installed the "leaders"/"elected ones" in all the countries as their puppets. You dont believe me? Just do an Google search, pick one random country and put Ericsson behind it and see what you will find, try with any country you like and you will find Ericsson there. Have fun, this is information that the most people in the world doesn't know anything about, yet... Take care world patriots and remember that information/knowledge is power, the modern warfare is to at least 80% information, and the chose to know is yours. WWG1WGA! The PostMan From Sweden. Jukka Lindholm.

  • I sure hope you are going to do a tribute to Rush. I know that it would be remarkable. I hope you are well, hun. From some old lady here in Pensacola Florida!

  • "Jabbie Jabbie" or jabbie jabbie dooo!

  • Remember to triple mask now quadrupel.. or ust wear the box.

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