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A Quick Burn - Been to the Border - IPOT Presents - 6.9.21
Jun 09, 2021


From the near future.



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  • Sir Patrick I'm so glad I found have no idea how much you just " Always make my freaking Day "when ever you post

  • 2 left handed thumbs down on a conservative platform....grrrr Left handed thumbs down, go play in your own sandbox where all the cats scratch the sand 🐈

  • Guatalalamala? Did I spell that right? That’s the funniest!!

  • My husband and I have missed you so much. You used to lift our spirits during the earlier craziness. Now it just keeps getting crazier.

  • Idk why you dont show your face. You use to waaaaay back when! You are a handsome man!!

  • Looking forward to Part 2 of POP

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 And my nickname is joanieMamaLama. Thanks for the belly laugh😅✌️🍿♥️

  • IPOT we miss you and hope you are doing well ❤️

  • I wish u were back on youtube... I forget to come to gabtv... I'm not really on here much.. I'm on telegram and YouTube all the time

  • What assholes downvoted this?

  • Almost. Died. Laughing.

    You’re an honorable man and a true Patriot. God bless you Sir Patrick!

  • WOW! Thank you your Sir Silliness!

  • You are brilliantly brilliant!

  • Guatamalakamala is confused, mistakenly thinking Parisharris. Bound for GitmoShithoe soon, tho.

  • Man I miss your vids bro!!

  • Great job as usual! 💕🇺🇸😎🐸. 🦆

  • That was awesome!! I miss you IPOT!!!

  • Crack me up!

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