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A Quick Burn - Circle Back - IPOT Presents - 2.28.21
Feb 28, 2021


From the near future.



HD Bros. (Stafford VA footage)

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  • out-friggin-standing!!!

  • Why? Why? Does it stop playing in the middle of the video??? Either this is left wing interference or it's a painfully slow platform. 😑

  • But things wouldn't be easy for the young Sullivan. Salt Lake City is dangerous....and cold...............mostly cold.

  • Brilliant and on point as usual, Sir Pat! Always look forward to your uploads and I'm following you on every platform that you upload to, so I don't miss a single one!! Bravo, good sir!

  • So sad 😒and yet....hilarious!! I’m so mixed up.

  • Brilliant! Christopher Wray need to see this. Might just stir a brain cell.

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you Sir Mac from the future, I needed that belly laugh.

  • Mystic Mac, the one man band of comedy excellence. By the way I'm white... Just saying

  • I'm CRACKING UP HERE!!! I think I know those 2 SnaCPAC hosts! LOL!!!!

  • He's just another Northern Virginia Narcissist Party card holding member. Agents grow lucratively wild up there on the Farm.

  • You Sir are a freakin genius. I have so much fist bumpyness for you πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ€πŸ˜. Thanks for yet again making my day a more Zesty and Happy day!

  • Can 80% Law abiding America force Hypocrites to obey the Law (Bill of Rights)? (Answer; NO!) What should Reasonable people do with a Rabid dog?

  • LMAO, you are hilarious SPM! Absolutely hysterical! Psircleback, lol and the whole Sullivan thing- I grew up in MD so I'm familiar with that whole area of VA, your satire is spot on! I can't stop giggling

  • Your productions and your information is always top of the line Sir Patrick. I appreciate how you always couch stories in the 'I don't know, just sayin'" way...integrity. God bless.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed!!

  • How can you make this without laughing yourself silly? You are so funny. Made my day.

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