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A Quick Burn - High Fashion - IPOT Presents - 10.3.21
Oct 04, 2021


From the near future.



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  • Any chance you are doing another quick burn? There's just do much material on thekey players coming out ..... Fauchi.....Gates......various CEOs hoping to sell their jabs.... the WEFs and their dr evil plans. Give me trillions or quadrillions not to.... make media play Gates and Fauchi 24hrs on all channels since they control the media. Love your work

  • Jorts = fed bois

  • so many voices, not in my head so that is good. also, good to know you're doing fashion critique for NotVogue.

  • i really hope ipot is a happy guy.. he spreads joy and information , ihooe it comes back to him 1000 fold.

  • Miss your commentaries ...Always good to brighten my day although haven't been here for awhile.

  • OMGOSH, UNBELIEVABLE!! Their "fashions" say it all.

  • Love. As always.

  • What in the hell are wrong with these people? Fashion? It is everything but,how about a label stating the arrogance,ignorance & downright bad taste. I really do feel that pedowood has lost their freakin minds & gave away their souls just to be able to do pure ignorance at it's finest.

  • Too funny :)

  • Same comment as Horseladydonna! TY for showing people dressed for the asylum...

  • Lost you but found u again. Happy I did. U were 1 of my fav go toos.

  • Great job on the Met FREAK show. These people are SICK and SCARY.

  • Patrick gaves mes the giggles he did : )

  • the woo zoo Clif High 2021

  • whaaaat the fuck? over.

  • de girls is boys an de boys is girls its a crazy mixed ups worlds wes in LOLA LO LO LO LOLA : )

  • Been missing Sir Patrick Mack, I pray that you are well πŸ™

  • So funny!

  • This was a nice humor relief! Thanks! I am chomping at the bit tho to hear the next Pop

  • Love you SPM! I miss the bacony, cheesy, goodness3

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