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A Quick Burn - Jan 6th was OK - IPOT Presents - 7.28.21
Jul 28, 2021


From the near future.



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  • This is the same cop that supposedly had his knee on George Floyd neck. The man on trial and went to jail was a different man

  • William Barr voice is more like Eeorye (so). His catch phrase, “that’s troubling.” Wonder who resurrected him?

  • IPOT1776, I've been gone for months, so good to see you again!! What a breath of fresh air! 1:29 left, and so good * so "Ipot" yes

  • When I am sad and pissed off at the cluster **** happening in this country/world, I COME TO IPOT AND DO A QUICK BURN AND LIFE IS ALL BETTER!!!!


  • You really are misses brother. I get happy when I reflect on all your past work. So many of our favorite content developers have disappeared. You have always been one of my favorite. We wish you well and pray to receive more great content from you in the near future 🙏. ❤ you and your work!

  • We miss you 😢 We are hoping that, YOU& your family are safe. Stay strong 🇺🇸❤️

  • Do they get more pay, each time they say today?

  • Hoping to see more of your content!! My kids miss your videos and so do I!! Prayers all is well!🇺🇲🙏🇺🇲

  • OH hell YES!!! I missed you Ipot!! Just joined Gab and took a stab... LOL I can rhyme better than I can spell. Anyway, I missed you, my kids missed you and I am very glad to see you here. One of the very best.

  • I SO MISS your late night videos on YT! I hardly missed a video, even if it was 3 am. You always gave me a sense of normalcy and definitely, calmed my soul with your humor. I'll remember you for the rest of my life. Thank you for being you and for your awesome videos. God bless you always, SPM!

  • That was enlightening. Typical lefties, given the control they will always treat you like a mushroom while thinking about how clever they are. Solid metal jacket after a military trial exposing these devices, is tops..


  • Frauds one and all.

  • I can't stand that reptile Kinzinger.

  • Dude, bruh, I can't even imagine how many hours it takes you to filter the drivel of these people and find the gems you edit into your video. I've been watching you since YT days in '18. Your Edit-Fu skills have surpassed the present and have gone into the future. Peace my brother Macktastic! May God continue to bless your skills and your humor.

  • NO hign ranking person in a Police Deptartment has a fucking neck tattoo. Also, the amount of metal in his dress uniform cotradicts the look of this homeless fuck. Is he suppose to be Serpico or something? How retarded are they idiots?

  • The tard that gave the down vote needs to just go away!

  • Absolutely awesome. I do miss you dropping more regular content but I also love the deep dive videos. Regardless I'm gonna continue to check in and watch whatever you put out.

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