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Birds of Prey - IPOT Presents - 3.18.21
Mar 18, 2021


From the near future.

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  • Any POS that HATES Cats should die,

  • Spent the afternoon binge watching your reporting (lots of pop) and I find you scarey smart, Sir Pat. Seriously years of school couldn't have provided more factual well researched facts. Honestly some made me sad, but isn't it better than being ignorant of the truth. i appreciate your long hours of work....but I still find you scarey smart. Thank you for bring all of this (especially POP) to light.

  • I am loving your work. It is top-notch and has truly opened my mind. Happy I discovered you when I came to Gab in January. I don't know how I would survive what's happening without knowing there are folks like you out there. God bless you, Patrick.

  • Keep the fantastic work up SPM. You really are the Bees - knees of info everything you research all ties in somewhere, some how. Brilliant. Thanks for opening our eyes.

  • With all the Evergreen name coming up regularly I'm curious why you Sir Patrick Mack isn't putting up one of your great videos. I miss the critters in the opening of your videos. You know you want too....lets hear some more of your knowledge on the Evergreen connection to Hill and Human Trafficking . Its time SPM!

  • Wonderful research SPM 🏆. Seems like more smart Jewish peeps, can’t help but to be involved in black male, crime & corruption. Kumon man, y’all can do better than that 🤬

  • Excellent, as always. Looking forward to what you’ve dug up on the Ever Given sitch...

  • I enjoy your humor so much. Thank You

  • Thanks, SPM, for another insightful and thorough dig! Could you please give us the reference to your EVERGREEN vids? They seem ahead of their time considering what is happening right now in the Suez Canal! As always, we appreciate you and pray for you!!

  • Thank you for the news. You do this really, quite well. It is much appreciated. (Hope to see a quick burn soon ;) )

  • Stellar wowiork ...absolutely 1 of the best diggers and deliverers of truth...thank u!

  • thank you for popping up in the Gab today so i could rememberize you. you are my absolute fave SPM. i miss waking with you and @Stroppy.

  • Damn, SPM, you do good work! Another vid packed full of info that ties everything together - thank you!

  • Excellent as always SPM!

  • Playback shuts off on here every time I try and watch. Man, I am so grateful for your time and energy, IPOT. You have been my guide throughout and I thoroughly and wholeheartedly salute you as a soldier in this army explaining all you find to us out here. Appreciate you.

  • You always are on point.... thank you for all your pursuityness!

  • Thank you for some more excellent research, Sir Patrick. Love your work.

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