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Castle Rock - IPOT Presents - 1.23.21
Jan 23, 2021


From the near future.

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  • I missed you, you're back!

  • 🏰 Rock! What! Great Stuff!!! I knew I weren't crazy!

  • Shambling disgrace lower case potus, pffft!

  • The only way I could watch this was on my desktop. Mobile was horrible. But I'll do whatever I need to to watch IPOT!

  • So glad you are back, and that I found you here! Yes sir, my hubby and I surely did miss our cup of coffee with IPOT! Thanks for continuing the brave fight to expose the truth, Sir Patrick Mack- you have been and will continue to be in our prayers.

  • Not sure what the deal is, but I have a very high speed internet connection and all I get is buffering and freezing of videos. Back to Bitchute.

  • "State of the curtains" hilarious!

  • So glad I found you!!

  • Just saying.

    Look at Sweden. You would never guest it, but England, China, America, Saudi Arabia, and so on, they are or were the Family Wallenbergs tools for the last 300+ years, that family name is worth to remember, Trump & Co knows everything about them and they are going to expose this psychotic family for the whole world to see with their own eyes, they Wallenbergs are the real "Invisible Enemy" of the world and soon you all will be aware of them.

    Wallenberg>Investor>Ericsson>ABB>Atlas Copco. The companies they own and by that owns the information thru Ericsson that owns all the telecom infrastructure in the world since the end of 1800, they own all the power/electric damms in the world thru ABB that are world leading in the process of building them and by that they own them, thru Atlas Copco they own the nature resources around the world because they have been the leaders of manufacturing the drills that have drilled the "globe" for all kind of resources around the world.

    They created Sovjet, Saudi, and Zionist/Israel in Palestina and couple more countries here and there.

    They own the military/war manufactures and are the cause to all the wars you have seen and still watching around the world.

    Thru Rotchields their puppets, they own the banking system, the whole payment system, including the "plastic cards"...

    Remember the name Wallenberg you are about to "meet" them soon, very soon.

    Hold The Line. Trust The Plan. WWG1WGA! Jukka Lindholm.

    The PostMan From Sweden

  • There are EOs on the registry now.

  • Thank you.

  • Yes, missed you. Great to see you.

  • Thank you!

  • Greg Abbott's FB page...bringing in the new session with dog comms. Who names their dog pancake? 🤔


  • The marines did not salute. If they had, they would've remained saluting as he passed as he did not relieve them with a corresponding salute.

  • ❤️SPM!!!

  • Finally made it here, GAB is getting better! Thank you Sir Patrick Mack for all you do and love watching your take on it all!

  • Can anyone explain to me why, during the "livestream" of the swearing in, the girls in the white and the pink outfits (and the boy, for that matter) behind Joe and Jill appear and disappear multiple times? It doesn't seem like an issue with angles.

  • Good to see you, IPOT! Regarding "Salute the Marines" I think Jill actually said it to him. Right before he said it Jill slightly tipped her head toward him as if to remind him out of the corner of her mouth. Whole thing was bizarre and the fact that, whoever said it, Biden was too slow to recognize what was going on is just another example of how unqualified he is.

  • This is an Illegitimate President and nothing he does well stand.

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