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Hot Takes - My Response to Russell Brand Re: Q - IPOT Presents - 2.22.21
Feb 21, 2021

From the near future.


Q Research

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  • Donate to "Buy Russell a comb".

  • Trump Tweet, 2014-10-17 00:08:12 (UTC+1) [email protected] I watched russell brand and I think his mind is fried - he looks really bad. russell is a total joke, a dummy who is lost!

  • And russell is a famefag who is smart enough to know that slamming on anything related to Q is going to get him clicks

  • That Newsmax guy is pretty cringy

  • I was wondering who he remind's me! I just foud out. He has "Nancy Pelosi's" hand moves!

  • Is it OK to call him a "douche"?

  • It’s always been about the “sauce “

  • Love you sir Patrick Mac!!!

  • Another outstanding video, thank you Sir Patric! 🇺🇸

  • This is still not playing well wah. Tried to find it on brighteon. I just thought maybe they keep calling it qanon because of their number fetish. maybe it makes a different number that way, which fits the mind control they are going for.

  • Shared this in as many places as... well, as are still available to me! Thanks, Sir Mack! Nice to see you!!!

  • MR Mack, I was a big follower when you had the you tube channel. For months I worried something had befallen you. Im so happy I was forced to venture out of my interweb skills and find you. I had to find MR Dan radio style too. Thank you for your perseverance. God bless you fellow patriot

  • Controlled opposition from the opposition

  • Debunking Fake News infused, Q hating ignoramus Russell Brand.

  • THANQ! Well explaned, and yes there is the source for everyone to discover for them selves and that is important, check the source and in this case there are just simple and plain one Q.

  • Thanks IPOT I believe it helped us who are in other countries to understand what is really going on. Being from Canada and listening to all the idiots here that won't listen to anything other than CNN and other MSM. This has opened my eyes to know that we are not alone and have been able to pass on some truth to has also given me hope to know there are others out there who want to stand for truth...yes there are some people way out there but I have also met some really good people like you and praying medic. Thank you!!!

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