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Apr 22, 2022


From the near future.



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Episode II

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  • Keep going Sir Mac!

  • I enjoyed this so much. Thank you for you hard work in educating the masses. God bless you Sir Patrick.

  • Hope all is well, really miss you and your interesting content

  • Sir Patrick… That “magistrate” Reinhardt looks just like you 🧐 !

  • Sounds like this is what they are doing in America, now

  • Miss your videos!! Hope you’ll make another soon. What about the guide stones? Big news!

  • Can I get your shirts in the UK?

  • Sir Patrick, how I've missed you! So glad to have found you again!!!

  • Sir Patrick Mac, I do so humbly appreciate your education. Your work is incredibly note worthy🏆

  • Love the Swag

  • There are lots of content creators...then there's IPOT (and of course, Sir Patrick Mack); a diamond atop a pile of coal. Gee. I should find a pic that suggests that sentiment.

  • What did I learn? None of this is new, just new to me, they glossed over a lot of this history in school, this was wonderful as always, thanks Sir Patrick

  • Your work is some of the most well-researched, organized, and produced talent I have seen. Well done, Sir Patrick Mack of Maplethorpe, I look forward to meeting you in Heaven, or hopefully here on earth to do some hiking and coffee. Keep up the great work.

  • omg!! lol!! i haven't watched an IPOT vid in forever and truly have missed him! after the screwtube purge and him not being on rumble, which is where i watch most of my guys, i nearly forgot about him. : ( thank you Sir Patrick!!

  • Very much appreciate your work. That’s a lot of information to take in. Will need to watch again to catch all that information. Great history lesson. Thank you Sir Patrick!

  • Thank you, Love your work

  • I am amazed at the hard work you put into everything you do, thank you! P. S. I’m totally infatuated with you as well!

  • I don't know how many people help you in producing these documentary's , if any. But, the amount of work involved here is unfathomable! It is only out of selfishness that I wish you still did your daily shows. The Q series was and is epic. TYSPM

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