POP (Sex Satan, and Babylon's Boule) - Episode I (Beguiling Beginnings) 1/2 - IPOT Presents - 6.18.21
Jun 18, 2021

From the near future.


200 Rappers Who Died in 2020 3rd Degree Sports/Masons

Klein/Sam Cooke Barry Chamish/Illuminati Redding HL Hunt BR Taylor Youtube Atlantean Gardens/Robert Sepehr

Music Intro Clip Music - CO.AG Music

How great Thou Art - Tiffany Hobson

Mission To Mars - Audio Hertz Nocturne - Asher Fulero Pacific Coastin' - Ralph Real Revolutionary - Causmic Nocturne - Asher Fulero Lurking Shadows - Myuu Voices - Patrick Patrikios Tacklebox Blues - Mini VandalsWWII Blues  Empty Bottle, Empty Bed Old Blue - Chris Haugen Violet Vape - Cheel OB1 - Ralph Real A Mystical Experience - Unicorn Heads Song: Wide SkyMusic provided by ALD - No Copyright Music

Composer: Whitesand (Martynas Lau) Year: 2017Title: The Dark SorcererSloppy Clav - GodModeWhiteSand To Have to in Least Water - pATCHES t1na - Memory Mysterious - Amal Raj - Music Music Link: t1na - Foreign RealTunesStudio Ald - No  Copyright Music Power Music Factory Channel URL : 'Cool Drink of Water Blues' (1928) Tommy JohnsonO'Brother Where Art Thou? TM & © Universal (2000) Cast: Directors: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

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  • Excellent, excellent, excellent!

  • Again, you knocked it out of the park with your research. Much of your digs, ties in to research I have been doing. Thanks, for helping connecting more dots for me.

  • Another epic masterpiece by Sir Patric Mack. I wish I could share it with my adult kids. The devil in "The devil's violinist" looks a lot like George Soros

  • Excellent as always

  • Excellent documentary. The research behind these videos has to be a full time job. This series need to go to dvd to be shared in gatherings such as churches, youth groups, community outreaches

  • FBI 'Counter Intel Pro' and the Presley connection at the end of his 'life' > Operation Fountainpen >Fredrick Pro based out of Shell Company, Devon, England #TheMreyouKnow Amazing work yet again Sir Patrick, you're in a league of your own. Now for Vol 2 Did you pre-empt me??

  • I love you Sir Patrick, but Gab keeps stopping every few minutes! Very frustrating! Wish you were on Rumble!

  • LOVE this series, you have outdone yourself, Sir. Now if Gab could get its act together and stop making the video hang every so often...

  • Sir Patrick, you're a rocking phenom! Your gift of deep dives produce enthralling pieces of truth that's been cleverly stashed, willingly forgotten or deliberately suppressed. Another explanation for your great work could have to do with your being from the (near) future. A current example to this point can be found by taking a look at your video addressing China's 3 Gorges Dam and its dangers...Damn! I was just getting caught up on the situation there and telling someone about your channel and your commitment to truth telling and about your funny bone etc...We decided to have an IPOT marathon tonite. Thank you for your hard work and diligence in bringing truth and facts to the peeps!

  • The Dallas Cabaña Motor Hotel is a jail house, now; I wonder if it was converted over as a means to keep curiosity seekers from snooping around the place, re: JFK assassination

  • Hello from Scotland, Exceptional piece of work @IPOT1777. Many thanks for helping people realise that this is a spiritual war of Good v evil. #Pray #GodWins

  • I watched this on Bitchute bc it froze up here, but wanted to leave my thanks of a job well done to SPM. Much gratitude for superior research & amazing film quality! Any parents doing homeschooling should consider using this for their "Social Studies" curriculum. I'd love to see content creators come up with a system for rating their own work to let parents know what grade levels & subjects their videos would fit into for those looking for innovative & advanced secular AND non-secular homeschooling materials. There's such a shortage of curriculum for non-religious students.

    Thank-You, AGAIN!

  • Also it worth to research the Dutch trail in all this. New york used to be New Amsterdam and A LOT of anti-christian, anti-Trump, one-world-government propaganda (abortion, euthanasia, "gender studies", climate activism, feminism, ...) has originated from global Dutch institutions and companies, often merged with the British behemoths to form conglomerates like RDS or Unilever.

  • Great videos! I think you should investigate how The City of London, the nest of global evil, was built on the ashes from the Great Fire of 1666. Is it a coincidence that "The first grand lodge, established to govern Freemasonry in England and Wales, was formed in 1717, during a meeting at a pub in the City of London called the Goose and Gridiron." ?

  • Holy crap is this interface and playback head and shoulders better than bitchute. Wow.

  • Love how they try call the KKK a far Right when they are far Left kind of like Hitler he was really Left but the commies wanted to distant them from them.

  • Don't even go the "Artist's are victims" route. They ARE slaves... but they made the conscious decision to sell themselves. There are consequences cutting a deal with Satan. I do have more sympathy for a Michael Jackson, a child brought up in the business by EVIL Parents. But even Mike became aware of the Illuminati agenda he marketed, and should've renounced them. Black artists aren't the only ones taken advantage of.

  • Great work. Can you post footnoted sources on masonic memberships?

  • Love your work, you’re my favorite.... stellar job, well worth the wait. Looking forward to episode 2.... thank you!

  • Amazing work as always SPM

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