POP (Sex Satan, and Babylon's Boule) - Episode I (Beguiling Beginnings) 2/2 - IPOT Presents - 6.17.21
Jun 18, 2021

From the near future.


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  • Always. Ro

  • I figured this all out years ago. In around 1997 to be almost exact. I was raised in a black community. I had parents who didn't care about me. I was raised by a ghetto black girl. I do love her almost as my mother, but....she explained to me how she and her friends "were better than these other hood niggas". Her words. She was a Greek. She is now world famous. Has been for almost for two decades now. I couldn't figure out why I (a white boy) would be any different from those "hood niggas". I know now because she taught me. She made me curious. I learned from observation years before we could "google" things. I guess I have a mind for truth as you seem to. If you have any questions or need an opinion confirmed....just ask. When it comes to the greatest weapon against a race that ever existed....I know....

  • Thank you Sir Patrick! Another exceptionally informative video. Brilliant as always ! I have missed you since I left Twer last yr. I tried to post this to Gettr but it wouldn’t post

  • Very rich that Winfrey is intwrviewing SRA surviovors. This makes me sick. That twisted bitch enjoying this girl's trama.I hope she rots in hell.

  • Kappernik moved his one-man workout to a high school an hour away from the original site, and accused the NFL of not being willing to work with him: Holy Bobby Fischer, Batman!

  • In light of the Greek fraternities, you might need to do some diggs on Greek history to clarify why it's such a big thing for fraternities to base themselves on Greek teachings

  • Finally, we’re talking about the Sabbateans!

    This consideration of history is of primary importance to understanding our current global situation.

    Thankyou, Mystic Mack!

  • Took me forever to watch stopped every 5 minutes on all Sites. But I persevered and watched it because I just love your videos and I just found you again. Thank you dear man for all you do

  • Lot of African American graves down in Georgia and Alabama marked with Mason type symbols..

  • thats why there are 12 jurors,...

  • Good stuff brother IPOT!

  • coming from an orthodox family of both faiths, I say take note. We know and have been taught of the horrific infiltration of our faiths. Test the spirits! Pray!

  • Thank you for all of your hard work.

  • Be sure not to demonize the real Jews. The Khazarians hijacked many things including true Judaism. Rome hijacked Christ Consciousness.

  • Johann Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830), Founder of the Illuminati Adam Weishaupt was the son of Goerge Weishaupt, a Jewish rabbi in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. When his father died in 1753, he was raised under the care of his godfather who converted the family to Christianity. Adam Weishaupt enrolled in the University of Ingolstadt in Munich, Germany, where he studied law, economics, politics, history, and the occult. Thus, he was born a Jew, baptized as a Catholic, and educated by Jesuits---an order of Roman Catholic priests. On May 1, 1776, Weishaupt founded the Order of the Illuminati, a secret society whose mission was to “oppose religious influence on society and the abuse of power by the state by fostering a safe space for critique, debate, and free speech. “ He adopted the name “Brother Spartacus.” Weishaupt then began to recruit members from like-minded people he had come to know at the University. One year later, Weishaupt joined a masonic lodge and began recruiting from among the Freemasons for his secret society. “The second phase of the Freemasons was started around the year 1776 C.E. by the German philosopher Adam Weishaupt. He was a Christian. Then he left Christianity and became a Freemason. He is the founder of the Illuminati. He founded this organization, and named it after the devil, his master.

  • ISIS( The Nation of Islam, The Muslim Brotherhood etc...) does not represent Islam, Islam forbids terrorism and extremism. The plots of the Freemasons are the most dangerous and destructive organizations against Islam. During the student conference of the Freemasons which convened in the year 1865, in the city of Liège (Belgium)- it was said by one of the students, “It is a requirement that man must prevail over God and declare war on him, and man should demolish the heavens and tear them like paper.” This is confirmed by what was mentioned in their collection of annual meetings titled Masonic Grand Lodge 1922 Edition. On page 98, they said, “We will strengthen the freedom of individual thought with all the powers at our disposal, and we will declare a major war against the real enemy of man, which is religion.” The leaders of the freemasonry say, “Indeed the Freemasons take the human soul as it’s object of worship.” The goal of the Freemasons is to destroy religion. They say, It is not enough for us to prevail over the religious people and their places of worship; rather, our basic goal is to wipe them out of existence.” The Freemasons claim their organization was established on behalf of the Jews that were expelled from Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh. Their intent is to prepare the stage for the appearance of their Christ, who is, in reality, the Anti-Christ (Dajjal). The freemasons have a history of causing chaos throughout the world. They started the French Revolution and financed it as well. Likewise, in modern times, the freemasons were behind the Arab spring uprising. Their intent is to destroy all Muslims nations and establish weak leaders in positions of government. The freemasons will write their constitution for them, which will be based upon American law and so called American freedom, which has no limitations. They remove every law that is based upon the legislation of GOD because their new constitution is above all in their view. These new governments will be forced to follow the new laws. When this is in place, the countries will destroy themselves from within. These laws will grant society absolute freedom with no boundaries and no religious structure. Not only are they establishing this in Muslim lands; but they are also establishing this within the Muslim communities living among them in the West.

  • it has been, Sir Patrick Mack, a wonderful evolution as you have gone from being an interpreter of Q to a chronicler of the long history of power and influence over others you tell here.

  • Sir Patrick, so all along, it has not been racism, sexism, communism, absolutism et cetera but L U C I F E R--S A T A N--B E E L Z E B U B--D I A B O L U S--A S H S H A Y T A N--F A L L E N A N G E L who wants to be god. All humans have been / are its potential portals to that end if we let it into our souls. Jesus Christ was the first Great Awakening to save humans' souls. His sacrifice is not a singular religious belief. God is giving us a second Great Awakening with the help of speedy global internet dissemination connecting all the dots of Satanic possession. Never possible before. And Sir Patrick, you are blessed to be one of the best messengers of God's second Awakening. No doubt about this. You have my loving acknowledgment and perpetual thanks.

  • Great investigative reporting. Watched them both back to back. Great job

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