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POP (Sex Satan, and Babylon's Boule) - Episode I (Beguiling Beginnings) 2/2 - IPOT Presents - 6.17.21
Jun 18, 2021


From the near future.



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Kaep/Kneeling/Masonic 3rd Degree Sports/Masons

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Music Intro Clip Music - CO.AG Music Mission To Mars - Audio Hertz Nocturne - Asher Fulero Pacific Coastin' - Ralph Real Revolutionary - Causmic Nocturne - Asher Fulero Lurking Shadows - Myuu Voices - Patrick Patrikios Tacklebox Blues - Mini VandalsWWII Blues Empty Bottle, Empty Bed Old Blue - Chris Haugen Violet Vape - Cheel OB1 - Ralph Real A Mystical Experience - Unicorn Heads Song: Wide SkyMusic provided by ALD - No Copyright Music

Composer: Whitesand (Martynas Lau) Year: 2017Title: The Dark SorcererSloppy Clav - GodModeWhiteSand To Have to in Least Water - pATCHES t1na - Memory Mysterious - Amal Raj - Music Music Link: t1na - Foreign RealTunesStudio Ald - No Copyright Music Power Music Factory Channel URL : 'Cool Drink of Water Blues' (1928) Tommy JohnsonO'Brother Where Art Thou? TM & © Universal (2000) Cast: Directors: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

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  • Kapernick looks middle eastern or Egyptian but not Ethiopian.

  • Wow, Thank you. So much more to learn.

  • Hate to see the black race abused and controlled like this. It will take someone from the inside to deprogram them. Cosby started to speak up, they neutralized him

  • Award winning!!!!

  • They didn't accept that the Messiah HAD come, and would return.

  • Always. Ro

  • I figured this all out years ago. In around 1997 to be almost exact. I was raised in a black community. I had parents who didn't care about me. I was raised by a ghetto black girl. I do love her almost as my mother, but....she explained to me how she and her friends "were better than these other hood niggas". Her words. She was a Greek. She is now world famous. Has been for almost for two decades now. I couldn't figure out why I (a white boy) would be any different from those "hood niggas". I know now because she taught me. She made me curious. I learned from observation years before we could "google" things. I guess I have a mind for truth as you seem to. If you have any questions or need an opinion confirmed....just ask. When it comes to the greatest weapon against a race that ever existed....I know....

  • Thank you Sir Patrick! Another exceptionally informative video. Brilliant as always ! I have missed you since I left Twer last yr. I tried to post this to Gettr but it wouldn’t post

  • Very rich that Winfrey is intwrviewing SRA surviovors. This makes me sick. That twisted bitch enjoying this girl's trama.I hope she rots in hell.

  • Kappernik moved his one-man workout to a high school an hour away from the original site, and accused the NFL of not being willing to work with him: Holy Bobby Fischer, Batman!

  • In light of the Greek fraternities, you might need to do some diggs on Greek history to clarify why it's such a big thing for fraternities to base themselves on Greek teachings

  • Finally, we’re talking about the Sabbateans!

    This consideration of history is of primary importance to understanding our current global situation.

    Thankyou, Mystic Mack!

  • Took me forever to watch stopped every 5 minutes on all Sites. But I persevered and watched it because I just love your videos and I just found you again. Thank you dear man for all you do

  • Lot of African American graves down in Georgia and Alabama marked with Mason type symbols..

  • thats why there are 12 jurors,...

  • Good stuff brother IPOT!

  • coming from an orthodox family of both faiths, I say take note. We know and have been taught of the horrific infiltration of our faiths. Test the spirits! Pray!

  • Thank you for all of your hard work.

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