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Red Sea Evergreen - IPOT Presents - 4.2.21
Apr 02, 2021

From the near future.


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  • Infrastructure, I get it now lol. thank you.


  • Poor Czechia. No sooner do the Czechs re-establish their own identity than they are upended by yet another greedy political machine. The CCP is like cockroaches in the kitchen: once they are in there you can never get rid of them. Jaký užitek má člověk, když získá celý svět a ztratí svou vlastní duši? To see this happen truly wounds like the nails of Crucifixion.

  • Lake Nicaragua will become too toxic to safely drink from the anti-fouling compounds used on ship's hulls. If you spend $50 billion to save fuel using shortcuts then of course you're going to use anti-fouling coatings that are poisonous enough to prevent barnacles. Odd that such a well understood issue is screaming silent.

  • Great job SPM I'm just used to the old ones where Susan W didn't get any 🍰 I look for a video every day but I know that's being selfish of me. I just miss your work. longtime fan, big-time supporter .. seems like 4ever but I guess it was early 2018 anyway keep up the good work.. one day you'll be on the big screen.. your talent is incredible much 💘 from Texas where the green new deal is not working LOL mellyq

  • Don't sleep on Israel

  • Thank you!!! Your work is amazing..

  • I pot the sherriff

  • Thank you SPM for all your hard work and love for truth! I've missed you almost as much as my President!!

  • The Japanese-owned, Taiwanese-operated ship of Evergreen Corporation was actually co-owned by Walmart and the clinton foundation

  • Spm called me a pussy. I was having a bad day. I love him even more. He's one of the only commentators left that haven't shown they're controlled opposition like salty cracker. I'm only on gab so I'm glad that he's finally able to post.

  • My brain hurts. Love you Sir Patrick and Happy Resurrection day. Great video as always.

  • Rev 18:19 (YLT)  and they did cast dust upon their heads, and were crying out, weeping and sorrowing, saying, Woe, woe, the great city! in which were made rich all having ships in the sea, out of her costliness—for in one hour was she made waste. I couldn’t help but find it interesting regarding shipping and the book of Revelation. I never truly understood that part however I believe it has been revealed to me now. Thank you SPM.

  • Thanks for the update!

  • Always well done! Thank you!

  • GREAT ADDITION ~ Well Done ~ As old as the Caravans ~ The Merchant!

  • Thanks SPM! 👏 My day is never complete without your Pursuity vids. Excellent info and easy to put the dots together.

  •    We have nothing to fear from Russia.. maybe when they were still Communist but now they are a Republic and 80% of the population are in fact Christian. The Deep State would love for a Christian nation to fight another Christian nation but that will never happen.. Even in Iran and China there is an exponential growth in Christianity.. The more they oppress Christians the more followers come to Christ.. 80% of all ex Muslims say they converted to Christ because they were visited in a dream.. 

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