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RISE Attire - Promo - 11.22.21
Nov 22, 2021


From the near future.



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  • You have got to wear your Persuity pants in order to get the full experience!

  • Checking you OUT...there. Yep. Capt. Rick in Central Texas. Still have your MRE Sloppy Joe meal (Just add Bacon and Cheese!) Stay Pursuity my Patriot Brother from a Different Mother.

  • I love everything you put out. I can't wait til your next feature length comes out!

  • Where you’ve been Sir Patrick Mac? Miss you 😢

  • Sir Patrick Mac, I miss hanging out with you in the good old days on youtube. You are truely a gem and fantastic journalist, in fact one of thd best. I love the pursuity attire.

  • I fistbumped my neighbor this morning!!!!!

  • Hey SPM… you should add some lids to your merch line. Would love to hear the Lamestream Tongue-buckets saying “the peaceful protestors were all wearing PINK PURSUITY HATS!” 😆

  • I’ve got a Foxhole shirt from Rise Attire. Love it!! Will be adding some Pursuity-wear in the near future.

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Best merch I've seen!

  • Yay! I'm definitely in Pursuity - of a loooong video from you. Pretty please.

  • We miss your videos!

  • SMP - we need your merch! Hope all is well SPM!

  • Now we need the 5 minute version.

  • But I couldn't find any Sir Patrick Mack stuff 🤔

  • I'm In 👍🙏 Viva Cristo Rey 🙏

  • Awesome I'm definitely Pursuty

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