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Kids Betray J6 Dad! Kansas Betrays Babies! (Wed. 8-3-22)
Aug 03, 2022

The Hake Report

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Guy Reffitt's son talks to CNN after ratting to FBI! Kansas voters don't value babies! WNBA's Brittney Griner ("BG") gets ESPYs support! 0:00:00 Wed, Aug 3, 2022 AD 0:02:59 Hey, guys! CA tee 0:05:10 Guy Reffitt's 'traitor' kids 0:29:31 IAN, CA: Don't rat on family! 0:35:02 ART, OH: MK-minded son! 0:45:42 Nicole Reffitt info 0:51:05 Kansas 'value them both' bill fails 0:58:19 "Homewrecked" - Carter Ferris 1:04:08 Reading chat after music 1:05:47 Supers: MK, jogger, L.A., monkeypox 1:10:38 Pro-life bill fails in Kansas (continued) 1:19:43 KEITH, IL: black self-portrayal in media! 1:26:03 Brittney Griner, Blinken, Trump, ESPYs 1:41:46 Anti-Trump 'families' of 9/11 1:48:15 Alex Jones vs Sandy Hook 'mom' 1:56:57 Closing: BOND Archive, Men's Forum!

The Hake Report, Wednesday, August 3, 2022 AD: Mostly peaceful blustering 3-Percenter Guy Raffitt got 7 years; his "traitor" children think President Trump should get life in prison! // Kansas "voters" reject weak pro-life "Value Them Both" bill, as liberal women celebrate! // WNBA "star" Brittney Griner and the Sleepy Admin catch criticism from Trump, but support from Steph Curry, Megan Rapinoe, etc. at the SJW ESPY awards. // Anti-Trump New Yorker 9/11 "families" criticize President Trump, based Phil Mickelson, etc., for golf with the Saudis. // Alex Jones is defamed as "Sandy Hook denier" from "mom" Scarlett Lewis and ex-husband Neil Heslin. //

MUSIC: "Homewrecked" - Carter Ferris - Unreleased album (perhaps pre-2005, Lujo Records) // "Guitar House" - Josh Pan - YouTube Audio Library (Hassan selection) //

CALLERS Ian in Martinez, CA references Goodfellas: Keep your mouth shut, don't rat! (He got doxxed recently.) // Art in Ohio says the J6 protestor's son got MK'd (brainwashed), and doesn't realize the harm he's done. // Keith in Illinois points out black actors play criminals, yet complain about how they're portrayed! //


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