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Lib Pastors, Lib Media, Lib 'Justices' (Fri. 7-22-22)
Jul 22, 2022

The Hake Report

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Indoctrinated pastors! Supreme Court turning female! Media fearmongers about 'far right' and J6! Republicans attacked, including by their own! 0:00:00 Fri, Jul 22, 2022 0:02:01 Hey, guys! The Big Stick 0:05:54 Broken pastor talks to NYT 0:15:07 Seminary before "ministry" 0:25:46 Super: Lee Zeldin attacked 0:38:03 Super: Breakup, Church 10/10/21 0:42:22 Super: Media scaremongering 0:46:51 ART: Gangbangers for Christ, Zeldin, Rand Paul, Scalise 0:58:46 "Bishop, CA" - Xiu Xiu 1:02:03 Hake enjoys this song 1:05:03 Super: Bibby Bib gangbangin' for God 1:06:04 Commie Supreme Court Ladies: Kagan 1:15:10 Ketanji Onyika Click for invasion! 1:18:52 WILLIAM: Teressa Bellissimo, Corrupt UC system 1:26:38 Super: Deez, Scalise vs. Steve King 1:30:42 Miscarriage, 'right to contraception' 1:35:34 Jan 6 anxiety vs. 'racial justice protests' 1:37:36 'Far-right' vs. 'community organizer' 1:44:23 FREDRICK, CA: Bilderberg, Op Mockingbird, J6 1:49:01 Thomas Lane, Derek Chauvin 1:52:12 Polio is back 1:53:18 J6: Trump outtakes, Hawley riles, runs 1:57:45 "Ain't No Monkeys in My Family Tree" - TKotNC

The Hake Report, Friday, July 22, 2022 AD: 25-year pastor Dan White, Jr., broke under stress from the world's division, and told a NY Slimes woman about it. // Far-left Christianity Today implies "seminary" indoctrination is a necessary obstacle for "ministry." // NY Republican candidate for governor Lee Zeldin was attacked on-stage! // Elena Kagan, Ketanji Onyika, and all female Supreme Court "justices" are LAME! // The media is dishonest and inconsistent in their pro-life and "Jan 6" coverage! // INTERESTING CALLS: Republicans attacked: Lee Zeldin, Rand Paul, Steve Scalise, Josh Hawley, Donald Trump! (SEE BELOW!) //

MUSIC: "Bishop, CA" - Xiu Xiu - The Air Force (2006, 5 Rue Christine) // "Ain't No Monkeys in My Family Tree" - The Knights of the New Crusade - My God Is Alive! Sorry About Yours! Songs In Praise Of Our Lord God And In Condemnation Of Sin (2004, Gabriel's Trumpet) - Hassan selection //

CALLERS Art in Ohio says watch out, Lee Zeldin! Rand Paul got tackled! Maybe Steve Scalise is okay? // William in California acknowledges buffalo wings inventor, and black ladies' (and UC) issues // Fredrick (sp) in California connects J6 committee to Bilderberg Group and Operation Mockingbird //


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