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Robber Stopped! Uvalde Principal; Christian Nationalism (Thu. 7-28-22)
Jul 28, 2022

The Hake Report

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Mexican cowboy stops robber! CNN interviews Uvalde female principal. Liberals pretend to define "Christian Nationalism"! Interesting calls! 0:00:00 Thu, Jul 28, 2022 0:02:13 Hey, guys! Trump tee 0:04:10 DENNY, BULGARIA: Arminius, WHM 0:16:46 Super: Using constitution against Christianity 0:19:31 Ranchero cowboy vs armed robber, 2018 0:27:59 CNN interviews Uvalde principal woman 0:44:04 ART, OH: Ladies doing men's jobs 0:52:33 WILLIAM, CA: Elvis, John Wayne 1:03:28 "The Fox & the Rabbit" - Xiu Xiu 1:05:58 Reading chat during music 1:09:24 Christian Nationalism, per libs 1:35:37 NATHAN, IL: How to find a gf? 1:51:41 MAZE, OH: Haters saying 'God bless you' 1:56:36 "Fast and Run" - Nico Staf

The Hake Report, Thursday, July 28, 2022 AD: Ranchero in cowboy hat disarms robber in Mexico carniceria in 2018, but gets stabbed! SEE: Active Self Protection // CNN interviews fat cute lady principal Mandy Gutierrez in Uvalde after Salvador Ramos's attack! Parents blame the staff! // SOME INTERESTING CALLS! Arminius, Germanic Roman soldier-traitor, flawed hero! Female officers, not the strongest! WHM: Elvis Presley and John Wayne! Finding a decent girl? (SEE BELOW) // A literal blue-haired feminist refers to libs to define "Christian Nationalism," rather than going to the source! //

MUSIC: "The Fox & the Rabbit" - Xiu Xiu - The Air Force (2006, 5 Rue Christine) // "Fast and Run" - Nico Staf - YouTube Audio Library (Nick or Hassan selection) //

CALLERS Denny from Bulgaria tells a story of Germanic Roman soldier Arminius, who hated Roman rule! // Art from Ohio credits women for doing what they can, but questions their doing men's jobs! // William from California honors Elvis Presley and John Wayne for WHM. He makes other points too. // Nathan from Illinois, 23, asks Hake how to find a decent woman for marriage. He talks about his life. // Maze from Dayton, OH calls out hypocrisy of allegedly hateful people saying "God bless you." //


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