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Self-righteous RINOs! 'Humble' Pope? Ban Braids? (Mon. 7-25-22)
Jul 25, 2022

The Hake Report

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Establishment vs. Trump! Watch out for monkeypox! Pope kisses hands, ugh! Satanic Panic? Does God want women not to wear braids? 0:00:00 Mon, Jul 25, 2022 AD 0:02:27 Hey, guys! Get a Job Teespring 0:05:56 Anti-Trump WSJ, NY Post 0:22:43 JEREMIAH, LA 0:26:18 Monkeypox emergency 0:35:53 Super: Italian brother 0:38:13 Liberal Pope 'penance pilgrimage' 0:53:33 Abuse, 'Satanic Panic' 0:58:27 "Nieces Pieces (Boat Knife Version)" - Xiu Xiu 1:02:11 Reading chat during music 1:05:10 Super: early release Andres Cachu, DA Gascon 1:12:58 Super: pox sores on wife? 1:15:11 KEITH, IL: black-centric movies, military 1:25:05 JOSH, WI: 1 Tim 2: 9, no braids? 1:36:09 Another J6er's suicide 1:45:48 Super: revisionist Woman King movie 1:47:00 WILLIAM, CA: Carroll Shelby, Ford vs Ferrari 1:54:16 Sneak peak: Reality Winner crossfit 1:57:15 "Triumph on the Prairie" - Trevor Garrod

The Hake Report, Monday, July 25, 2022 AD: RINO NY Post and WSJ "Editorial Boards" wrote op-eds bashing Trump's "character" over J6! Please! // Monkeypox an "international health emergency," per evil UN's corrupt WHO and Dr. Tedros, and scared woman-led CDC // Liberal "humble" Pope Francis makes "pilgrimage of penance" to Canada, apologizing for supposed Catholic residential school "abuses" of "indigenous" children! // "Satanic Panic" trending on far-left Twitter, as everyone cherry-picks evil. // Another J6er reportedly off'd himself! RIP. // INTERESTING CALLS AND SUPERS: Early-release criminal! More black movies. Women in braids? Happy WHM! (SEE BELOW) //

MUSIC: "Nieces Pieces (Boat Knife Version)" - Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles (2003, 5 Rue Christine) // "Triumph on the Prairie" - Trevor Garrod - YouTube Audio Library (Nick or Hassan selection) //

CALLERS Jeremiah from Louisiana confronts James on a purported Jesse quote on races, power, and money! // Keith from Illinois lists 3 new pro-black (victimhood) movies, and ends with military recruitment info! // Josh from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 17, will not date a gf with braids, per 1 Timothy 2: 9! // William from California honors Carroll Shelby for WHM, and goes after black lady politicians! //


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