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The Great General Lee; J6, BLM, Central Park 5 (Fri. 7-29-22)
Jul 29, 2022

The Hake Report

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Gen. Robert E. Lee, American hero! Jesse Ventura, RINO wrestler on J6! 2019: Central Park Jogger decries payout to "the Five." 0:00:00 Fri, Jul 29, 2022 0:02:08 Hey, guys! Outside REI tee 0:04:58 Gen. Robert E. Lee: WHM US Hero 0:29:02 RICHARD, NC: Lee, Stonewall Jackson 0:37:19 Supers: Mayra Flores, O'Biden economy 0:41:38 ART, OH: Gen. Lee guys shot Jackson? 0:54:36 Joe Manchin cajoled by Schumer? 0:56:17 Jesse Ventura on J6 (Chris Jericho) 1:05:55 "No friend oh!" - Xiu Xiu 1:08:24 Reading chat during music 1:10:57 BOBBY, TX: Gen. Lee, slavery benefits 1:20:37 Sprite bottle, no longer green! 1:23:19 ALEX, PA: Trucker job! S/O Nickstream 1:30:44 Disinfo: Meta FB Human Rights Report 1:34:02 George Floyd officers sentenced 1:37:43 Central Park jogger Trisha Meili, 2019 1:49:32 JOE, AZ: Lee's an evil loser! 1:53:46 JEREMIAH: Whites have rulership 1:55:27 "You are pregnant, you are dead" - Xiu Xiu

The Hake Report, Friday, July 29, 2022 AD: James reads trusted Wikipedia info on Confederate Gen. Robert Edward Lee! // INTERESTING CALLS: Gen. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and WHM, including a detractor or two! A trucker recommends trucking! (SEE BELOW) // Ex-gov. WWF/WWE wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura bashes a Rebel Flag waving Jan 6er on reported Trump supporting pro-wrestling great Chris Jericho's podcast! // Coca-cola turns Sprite bottle clear next month, instead of iconic green! // Disinfo expert bashes FB/Meta "Human Rights Report" // More of George Floyd's arresting officers sentenced // Central Park jogger spoke out against settlement money for her purported attackers! //

MUSIC: "No friend oh!" and "You are pregnant, you are dead" - Xiu Xiu - Women as Lovers (2008, Kill Rock Stars) //

CALLERS Richard in NC says Lee was great, but broke down after losing his Gen. Stonewall Jackson. // Art in OH appreciates Gen. Lee and our American history, but how was Stonewall Jackson killed? // Bobby in TX praises Gen. Lee, and suspects we freed the slaves too quickly as Lee suggested. // Alex in PA suggests yesterday's caller Nathan go long haul trucking; it lifted him out of poverty! // Joe in Phoenix, AZ, tells why he calls Lee a "loser" and "evil." He disagrees with Hake on JLP. // Jeremiah in Louisiana urges James to admit whites have rulership, which is his word for power. //


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