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YouTube censored Hake! Cute lil Simone Biles! Relevant Magazine goes feminist on King David and Proverbs 31! J6 normies called "extremist"!
Jul 13, 2022

The Hake Report

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0:00:00 Wed, Jul 13, 2022 0:01:19 Hey, guys! BOND tee 0:05:00 Simone Biles, Biden 0:19:30 CHRIS, PA: Home school 0:29:14 CHRIS, PA: YouTube strike 0:34:59 JEREMIAH: Upbringing 0:49:15 Relevant: David a rapist? 1:00:34 "I Luv the Valley" - Xiu Xiu 1:03:32 Hake reading chat 1:06:01 Hake alternate platforms 1:09:45 Relevant: Bailey Jo Welch 1:24:16 Proverbs 31 Woman, Not 1:30:48 Oil vs. Lithium: Power supply 1:37:24 Supers: Lesbians, Lithium 1:42:38 J6-smeared Proud Boys 1:51:34 Anti-2A propaganda 1:53:48 ART, OH: Hunter Biden 1:56:19 "Hologram" - Bobby Richards

The Hake Report, Wednesday, July 13, 2022 AD: GOAT gymnast, 4'8" Simone Biles declines coloring book on plane! "Honored" by Biden, alongside Gabby Giffords! // JUST A FEW CALLS: Hake's home school experience and YouTube ban; a BHI (black Hebrew Israelite)'s upbringing (SEE BELOW) // Far-left "Christian" RELEVANT Magazine asks: Did King David "rape" Bathsheba? Rethink the "Proverbs 31 Woman," she's "fictional"! So says "lesbian" intersectional writer Baily Jo Welch-Pomerantz (DON'T HARASS)! // We have enough lithium for decades of power for current EVs, but enough oil for centuries of energy, I hear! // J6 committee and media smear Proud Boys as "extremists"! //

MUSIC: "I Luv the Valley" - Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles (2004, 5 Rue Christine) // "Hologram" - Bobby Richards - YouTube Audio Library (Nick or Hassan selection) //

CALLERS Chris in Pennsylvania asks Hake about home schooling, and today's YouTube censorship. // Jeremiah in Louisiana tells what ages and what "lies" exposed turned him Israelite. // Art in Ohio briefly talks about Hunter Biden and the corruption in our government! //


Live M-F 9-11 AM PT (Los Angeles), call-in: 888-775-3773.

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