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Pop-Up Camper Side Hustle
Apr 16, 2022

The Shepherd's Crook

We are a pastor courage ministry that provides, care, coaching, resources, and events for...



We have 3k total in this camper. It has been fun for our family and we are making a little money from it as well.

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  • what's sad but true is that more and more people will be calling these home if we keep allowing Republicans to take office. Republicans have all but erased the middle class, homes are unaffordable to almost everyone now.

  • How do you advertise? Are you sure your insurance policy covers it as it is rented?

  • What A great 👍 Idea !!! Thank you for the Post ! Q: what type of product do you use to keep the canvas strong and is there any other types of collapsible materials that could be used instead of just cloth because I don’t know but I don’t really feel that safe like sleeping which is cloth and tent when the rest of it is made out of some type of metal but wouldn’t that be something that you can use in place that is collapsible maybe I don’t know just thinking out loud and. Q: what is the rate that you might change for the use ? Q: do you offer amenities or like gift baskets or things like themes or something that go with your rental?

  • Thanks for sharing this video. Would like to have a camper like this but we don't have the right car to haul it. Maybe someday.

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