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Why I am a Postmillennialist
Aug 04, 2022

The Shepherd's Crook

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  • Im 57 and in the 35 years as a Believer in CHRIST , much of the teaching was PRE then MID then POST then PRE-WRATH. Preterism was a niche and now partial Preterism seems to be. I have read of the Protestant moving to Orthodoxy like the Hank Hannagraff's of the faith. All these issues divide CHRISTIANS and those of us who know CHRIST is the WAY and the TRUTH. I not being critical just making an observation from someone who had parents that didn't attend church but had some Jewish and some Orthodox Christian blood in the genetics. At 5 I was an inquistive kid in 1970 aand at age 5 when my parents were fighting I said DAD I want to goto church. So he took me a few Sundays to the church just over the hill from where I am typing this. My point is in life the beliefs of interpretation of scripture changes but CHRIST is the constant that we should always be reminded of when discussing these issues. IMHO . May our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with you !

  • Good stuff brother, thanks for sharing

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